Content Template

    Umbraco Uno offers the option to make a template of your page, to get a nice work process, so that you won't have to set the same page up multiple times.

    What is a Content Template

    A Content Template lets you create a page containing a complete set of widgets. This is a very useful feature as it allows you to have some predefined templates to choose from.

    How to set it up

    Setting up your template comes in two parts - first you need to make a page that has the widgets you want, and then turn that into a template.

    Setting up the widgets of the page

    Start by setting up the page with some widgets. You can read more about Widgets in the Uno-pedia.

    1. Click the three dots on your home page (...) and select Page
    2. Name the page
    3. Add the Widgets you want in your template and set it up how you like it

    It is recommended to not fill out the widgets, because if you do, then you will have to delete the content you don't want each time you use the template.

    Making the Content Template

    Now that we have a page that we want to use, follow the steps below to create the Content Template.

    1. In the content tree, click the three dots on the page you created in the steps above

      Three dots icon

    2. Select Do something else - which is at the bottom of the menu

    3. On the list choose Create Content Template

    4. Choose the name you want for your template and click Create

    5. Now if you go to create a new page, the template you made earlier in this guide will be there as an option

    When you have set up some content templates, it will look something like this when you create a new page.

    Multiple content templates