Manage users

    In this section, you can find all the information and details you need in order to work with and manage both users and members on your website.

    What is a User

    A user is someone who has access to the Umbraco backoffice and is not to be confused with Members. When you enter your Umbraco project you will find that a user already exist made with the login (email) and password entered during creation of the project. Users can be created, edited, and managed in the User section. You can manage your users so they can’t publish or edit only read, or you can disable someone from your project if they should not have access anymore.

    A user cannot be deleted, they can only be disabled The reason for this is that, if the user were deleted then everything they created would be deleted along with the user.

    Please see the User section for more information about users and what you can do with them.

    You will find that your project has a user named themeowner. It is there because this is what implements the entire theme on your project.

    What is a Member

    A member is someone who is strictly limited to the frontend and typically these members will be customers, clients, or users of your page's frontend. If you want to learn more about how you can manage your Members There's an entire article about it.