When building a website using the Umbraco Uno there are multiple settings and configuration options that you need to consider. This includes choosing the correct colors, connecting your Google Analytics account and defining content for the footer of the website.

    This section contains everything you need to know, in order to configure the website to suite your needs and/or requirements.

    There are three primary areas you need to know about, when setting up and configuring your website. These are:

    1. General settings
    2. Theme settings
    3. Compositions

    General settings

    These are usually settings that has an effect on the entire site, and include things like setting up tracking for Google and managing the cookie consent.

    You can manage the general settings for your website on the General content node, which you can find as a child node to Settings.

    Theme settings

    As the name indicates, theme settings is where you go to manage the theme of your website. This includes matching the colors and logos to your company identity and defining various sizes and spaces around the website.

    You can manage the theme settings for your website on the Theme content node, which you can find as a child node to Settings.

    Content Type specific settings

    On each content item you create in the content section, you will have a set of settings and configuration options specific to the content type the item is based on. These are split up into groups and includes settings related to SEO and options for the navigation bar.