Hero widget

    The Hero Widget icon

    The Hero Widget allows you to create a hero element on your page, this includes features such as a heading, a rich text editor, a background image and the option to add buttons.

    You will have a lot of settings for your Hero Widget, letting you customize the widget to your liking. This widget is ideal for content on the start page.

    Below you can see an example of how a Hero Widget might look. This contains the Pre Header, Heading, Text and different types of Buttons


    Frontend example of the Hero widget including 3 different types of buttons

    Configuration Options

    • Pre Heading
    • Heading
    • Text
    • Background
    • Text Color
    • Container width
    • Text Width
    • Height
    • Overlay Strenght
    • Text Alignment
    • Vertical Text Alignment
    • Animate
    • Buttons

    Hero Backoffice