Logos widget icon

    The Logos Widget does what the name implies, and lets you add a set of logos to your website. You can choose what images you will use for logos, and what pages they need to link to and/or you can add text to it.

    The configuration for this widget is divided into two parts:


    Frontend example of the Logos widget with 2 widgets added in black and white on a dark background

    Configuration Options

    • Pre Heading
    • Heading
    • Text
    • Container Width
    • Compact (removes the extra padding over and under this widget)
    • Black & White (images will be shown in black & white)
    • Add content (you need to do this to get the second section)
    • Background Color
    • Text Color

    Logos Backoffice part 1

    Part two is for adding logo and settings for these. For each logo you want to add, you have the following options:

    • Alias (the name of the logos)
    • Image
    • Link (links the logo to another page on your site or a different site)
    • Width

    Logos Backoffice part 2