Slider widget icon

    The Slider Widget allows you to pick 1 or more widgets to display in a slideshow.


    Frontend example of a slider with 2 pages, and both page dots and arrows enabled

    Configuration options

    • Choose how fast the transition between widgets is. Note that 1000 is equal to 1 second.
    • Decide whether you want the slider to have arrows on the edges which takes you through the slides.
    • Enable dots in the buttom to show what slide you are currently on.
    • Make the slider pause when you hover over it.
    • Choose to have the slider Wrap Around to make it loop between the widgets indefinitely.
    • Make the transition between slides more seamless by using Fade Animation.

    Slider Backoffice

    For the best experience with the Slider Widget, we recommend adding multiple Image Widgets containing one image each.