Umbraco Uno provides a lot of flexibility in terms of customizing the types of content as well as the content itself.

    This is made possible by a large collection of widgets, which acts like building blocks for creating, structuring and customizing websites.

    This article gives an overview of the available widgets, along with resources on how to work with and configure each of them.

    What are widgets

    Widgets are the building blocks of Umbraco Uno and provide a long list of different features that can be used to create websites for any scenario. This is designed in such a way that there is a widget for every need.

    Working with widgets

    Learn how and when to add widgets to pages, how to sort and arrange them as well as how to get a copy of already configured widgets.

    The rest of this article, provides an overview of available widgets divided into categories based on their usage.

    Content widgets

    There is a wide arrangement of content widgets that can be used on the various pages. This category contains everything from standard text fields to elaborate grids with price tables and image galleries.

    More widgets can be created within the Tab and the Grid widgets, and the Grid also contains a long list of additional widgets and options to custimize the page further.

    Dynamic content

    The following widgets provides the option to pull in content from other sections of the website. It could be a list of the latest news article from a Feed page or it could be a set of widgets made using the Global Content feature.

    Media widgets

    The following list of widgets provides options to add images and other media items to your website.

    Presentation widgets

    The widgets listed below can all be used to present content and media items in different ways. Use the Slider to create a slidehow with various news, use the Logo widget to showcase business partners or use the Map to give a visual presentation of the area the company is located in.

    More widgets can be added within the Slider widget.

    Forms widgets

    The following widgets represent different ways to add forms to the website. It could be a signup form for a newsletter, a form where members can login or it could be a contact form where customers can get in touch.

    Other widgets

    Some of the widgets listed above gives the option to add buttons, sidebar widgets or other minor functionality. Find details on each of these widgets in the list below.