Instagram widget

    With the Instagram widget you can add more branding to your website by displaying a set of posts from your Instagram profile.

    In order for this widget to work properly, you will need to configure a set of Instagram related settings on the General settings page.


    Here's how it looks when displaying 8 pictures from an Instagram account on an Umbraco Uno website.

    8 photos from Instagram using the Instagram widget

    Configuration Options

    Below is an overview of how the various settings are configured for the sample above. Note that the access token has been removed from the example for security reasons.

    Configuration options for the Instagram widget


    • Username
    • Access Token
    • Image Count
    • Link Images
    • Link To Instagram Account


    • Container width
    • Image Width (controls the overall look of the grid of images)
    • Remove Image Border
    • Background Color
    • Animate