Sidebar widgets

    Some widgets in Umbraco Uno provides the option to create more widgets. This is the case with the Text widget, which has the option to add one or more sidebar widgets.


    The three sidebar widgets available

    • Text (heading and text)
    • Navigation (external or internal links, with option to include child/sub pages)
    • Button (learn more about the various option in the Buttons widget article)

    A visual sample of all three sidebar widgets

    Configuration options


    Config options for the text sidebar

    • Heading
    • Text
    • Boxed (puts content in a grey box)

    Config options for the navigation sidebar

    • Heading
    • Links (external or internal)
    • Levels of Children (number of sub pages visible)
    • Only render Children (option to only show sub pages)
    • Boxed (puts content in a grey box)