Recaptcha and Umbraco Uno

    When you're using the Recaptcha forms option in Umbraco Uno, you will need to follow a few extra steps, in order to configure the feature.

    The steps are outlined below:

    1. Open a browser and navigate to
    2. Fill the form and submit it
    3. Copy the site key and secret key
    4. Head into the backoffice of your Umbraco Uno site
    5. Locate the Settings page
    6. Click the elipsies and choose to create an instance of Forms
    7. Copy and paste your site key into the field called "Recaptcha public key"
    8. Save and publish the Forms settings content node

    How to find a create a Forms page under Settings

    The "Contact Form Recaptcha" is not shown under Settings by default, you will have to create it manually, as illustrated above.