Tree Actions

    Items in an Umbraco Tree can have associated Actions, the actions visible to the currently logged in user can be controlled via User Permissions.

    You can set a User's permissions for each item in the Umbraco Content tree from the User Section of the Umbraco Backoffice.

    If you are developing a custom section, or a custom Dashboard, you might want to display some different options based on a User's permission set on a particular item.

    For example, on a custom dashboard you might add a quick 'Create a Blog Post' button for an editor., but only if that editor has permissions to create a blog post. You could create some sort of API endpoint, to call from your AngularJS controller, that in turn uses the UserService to return the current user's permissions. Then you can see whether they have the required permission to 'create' within the site's blog section.

    bool canCreateBlogs = false;
    var us = Services.UserService;
    var user = us.GetByEmail(email);
    var userPermissionsForBlog = us.GetPermissions(user, blogId);
    foreach (var permission in userPermissionsForBlog)
        if (permission.AssignedPermissions.Contains("C"))
            canCreateBlogs = true;

    But how to know which letter corresponds to which Tree Action?

    Each tree action in Umbraco implements the IAction interface, and each Action has a corresponding 'Letter', and a boolean value describing whether permissions can be assigned for an action.

    public interface IAction : IDiscoverable
        char Letter {get;}
        bool ShowInNotifier {get;}
        bool CanBePermissionAssigned {get;}
        string Icon {get;}
        string Alias {get;}
        string JsFunctionName {get;}
        /// <summary>
        /// A path to a supporting JavaScript file for the IAction. A script tag will be rendered out with the reference to the  JavaScript file.
        /// </summary>
        string JsSource {get;}

    When you pull back the AssignedPermissions for a user on a particular item, it is these letters that indicate which actions the User is permitted to perform in the context of the tree item.

    User Permission Codes

    Here's a list of the current User Permission codes, their alias, whether they can be permission assigned, their icon, and the JavaScript function they call... (if relevant)

    Letter Alias Can be Permission Assigned Icon JavaScript Function
    F Action Browse True This action is used as a security constraint that grants a user the ability to view nodes in a tree that has permissions applied to it.
    ï createblueprint True blueprint
    I assignDomain True home UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionAssignDomain()
    Z auditTrail True time UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionAudit()
    7 changeDocType True axis-rotation-2 UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionChangeDocType()
    O copy True documents UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionCopy()
    D delete True delete UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionDelete()
    E disable False remove UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionDisable()
    N emptyRecycleBin False trash UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionEmptyTranscan()
    9 exportDocumentType False download-alt UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionExport()
    8 importDocumentType False page-up UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionImport()
    M move True enter UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionMove()
    C create True add UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionNew()
    ! createFolder False plus-sign-alt UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionNewFolder()
    T notify False megaphone UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionNotify()
    X importPackage False gift UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionPackage()
    Y createPackage False gift UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionPackageCreate()
    P protect True lock UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionProtect()
    U publish True globe UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionPublish()
    Q logout False signout UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionQuit()
    L refreshNode False refresh UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionRefresh()
    B republish False globe UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionRePublish()
    R rights True vcard UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionRights()
    K rollback True undo UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionRollback()
    5 sendToTranslate True chat UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionSendToTranslate()
    S sort True navigation-vertical UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionSort()
    H sendtopublish True outbox UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionToPublish()
    4 translate True comments
    A update True save UmbClientMgr.appActions().actionUpdate()
    Z unpublish False circle-dotted
    ¤ delete False delete javascript:actionDeleteRelationType(UmbClientMgr.mainTree().getActionNode(). nodeId,UmbClientMgr.mainTree().getActionNode().nodeName);
    ® create False add javascript:actionNewRelationType();
    V ActionRestore False This action is invoked when the content item is to be restored from the recycle bin
    - Action Null False This is used internally to assign no permissions to a node for a user and shouldn't be used in code
    , ContextMenuSeperator False Used to define context menu separator items. This should not be used directly in any code except for creating menus