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This is the main Umbraco download, generally you won't need anything else.

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Release notes


Read the release blog post for 6.1.3.

Upgrading from 4.10+ and 6.0.0 beta/RC to 6.1.3

We upgraded the bundled version of HtmlAgilityPack from to Some 3rd party components may still rely on the old version and you'll see an error (Could not load file or assembly HtmlAgilityPack, Version=

To fix this error, add the following to your web.config (in the runtime/assemblyBinding section):

 <assemblyIdentity name="HtmlAgilityPack" publicKeyToken="bd319b19eaf3b43a" culture="neutral" />  <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />

A note on config file changes:

  • If you're using MySQL, make sure to update your web.config, the MySQL Data Provider (in DbProviderFactories) has changed from version to
  • In umbracoSettings.config in the content section there's a new key "defaultDocumentTypeProperty" which is not required. If you don't copy it in, the default is Textstring

There are no other config changes between 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 but if you're upgrading from a different version make sure to do a merge (use WinMerge for example) of all of the config files, especially the web.config

Upgrading from older versions?

Visual Studio 2013 Preview

If you're testing Visual Studio 2013 then the install process will fail, the new "Browser Link" option in the preview release interferes with our javascript. You can disable Browser Link temporarily to get through the installer. This error has been reported to Microsoft.

Related changes from the issue tracker

Issues & Tasks

Getting started

Make sure to give the installation instructions a read.

Check the free foundation videos on how to get started building Umbraco sites. They're available from:

World's best community

You'll find our über active community working hard to help each other at Our Umbraco: https://our.umbraco.com

Upgrading from older versions

Make sure to read the upgrade instructions before you attempt an upgrade.

Found a bug?

We're happy to help you with any problems you encounter, so please report them in the issue tracker and mention you're using version 6.1.3.
Do a search first though, if the issue already exists, give it a "thumbs up".

Source code

The source for this specific release is available for download from the repository (click the "ZIP" button).

Also available on NuGet