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GroupDocs Document Viewer for Java

GroupDocs.Viewer allows you to display PDF, Microsoft Office and other types of documents on your Umbraco website. This package integrates the down...

version 4.9.0
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uZero brings commerce to your content. It connects your financial data to your content managed site, delivering finanical information to your pref...

version 7.1
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Document Type Usage

Version 0.9.2 - Refresh-button added - Basic caching to improve performance ---------- Package for Umbraco 7.0.2+ The package enables...

version 7.0 - 7.1
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uSkyGoogleFont is a property editor that allows you to easily select and add Google fonts to your website. It allows you to create several blocks...

version 7.0 - 7.1
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Search Engine Sitemap

Build for Umbraco 6.x and 7.x + Adds a Document Type and Template to automatically generate a Search Engine Sitemap from your publicly available s...

version 6.1 - 7.1
4099 17

GoogleMap Editor

Advanced GoogleMap editor for Umbraco 6 Unleash the full power of GoogleMaps API in your Umbraco 6 Website. The package is using advanced optio...

version 6.0 - 6.2.0
4443 3

Seo Visualizer

Simple property editor for Umbraco that collects the title and meta description and visualize how they will look in the search result in a "Google-...

version 7.0 - 8.3
1244 11


Welcome to Chauffeur, deliverying changes to your Umbraco environment in style. Who is Chauffeur? Chauffeur is a CLI for Umbraco, it will sit wit...

version 7.1
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Accesses your Meetup account to integrate your Meetup data into your Umbraco site

version n/a
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Faceboook Like box

DSLikebox Promote site has become an essential task now a Days. The best option to promote site in front of large audience is Facebook. This dsLi...

version 4.1.0 - 7.0
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Knob Input

This is an implementation of jquery knob for Umbraco v7.x.  All of the configuration options are available as prevalues. For a full list of e...

version 7.0
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Please don't use the forums here for questions and issues. Instead, please use StackOverflow for questions, Gitter for general chitchat, and the Gi...

version 6.0 - 7.4
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Form Wrangler

Initially built for handling PDF Documents within the media library, this tool can help display documents onto your website in a snap. Creates a l...

version 6.1
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Please use the Umbraco 6 & 7 included partial view macro file template instead  =========================================================...

version 6.1
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AST Settings Fast Search

** V1.0 is for Umbraco 4.8 and later ** V2.0 is for Umbraco 6.x For a full demonstration please view the screencast.

version 6.0 - 6.1
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uApe BackOffice Wiki

This package was developed to enable content editors and Umbraco back office users to share private information and processes securely in the same...

version 4.9.0
1024 4

GroupDocs Online Signature Plugin

GroupDocs.Signature service provides you with an easy way to get your documents signed with just a couple of clicks. With this plugin you can embed...

version 7.0
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GroupDocs Document Comparison Tool

GroupDocs.Comparison for Cloud plugin will allow your visitors to compare documents directly on your Umbraco website. They will be able to do this...

version 4.1.0 - 6.1
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uLocate is a collaborative Umbraco package which aims to provide a geography and geocoding framework for Umbraco based on the Microsoft SQL Server...

version 6.0
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Recycle Bin Manager

If you have a site that handles an extensive amount of content node data resulting in your recycle bin becoming large, then this simple package can...

version 4.9.0
1400 5