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uLocate is a collaborative Umbraco package which aims to provide a geography and geocoding framework for Umbraco based on the Microsoft SQL Server...

version 6.0
1922 4


uMembership - Alternative Umbraco Member Api uMembership is an alternative and faster way of dealing with Members in Umbraco when you have 1000'...

version 4.1.0 - 6.0
1166 17

Recycle Bin Manager

If you have a site that handles an extensive amount of content node data resulting in your recycle bin becoming large, then this simple package can...

version 4.9.0
1356 5

Khaaaantest!! package for Umbraco

The is the Khaaaantest!! package for Umbraco. It's a simple contest module that offers a basic but complete contest application for your Umbra...

version 4.11.0
1219 0


uCaptcha is designed for people to customize their own captcha and render it on the fly, it creates a value, renders that in the captcha image and...

version 4.1.0 - 4.11.0
2937 1

GroupDocs Document Assembly Plugin

With this plugin you can easily collect data entered by users through online forms on your Umbraco website and then automatically incorporate tha...

version n/a
1178 0

Contact Us Module

Project DescriptionThis is an Umbraco Module for making contact. It can be placed anywhere in your template or content of the rich editor as a Umbr...

version 4.8.0
5757 0

Eject Cassette

Cassette is a brilliant asset bundling library for .NET apps and can be found at: This is a simple utiliity that moni...

version 4.9.0
1107 0

GroupDocs Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Image and PDF Annotate

  This module lets you embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document annotation app along with selected documents into the Umbraco websi...

version n/a
1013 0

GroupDocs Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Acrobat PDF Embedded Viewer

This package helps you embed GroupDoc's online document viewer to your Umbraco pages. Using this plugin, you can embed different documents tog...

version n/a
1529 0


uKnowledgeBase 0.81 Beta 1st August 2012 Fixes silly installation mistakes I made when building the project - apologies to the 19 people that ha...

version 4.7.0
2787 3

Browse members by groupMembership - Dashboard for Umbraco 4.7

Project Description   This package add an extra applicationTree to the membersection, and display all members by their group membership. Thi...

version 4.7.0
2259 5

Pugpig connector

Pugpig is the HTML5 publishing platform that allows you to create beautiful newspapers, magazines and books for the iPad, iPhone, Android and mor...

version 5.0.0
1235 0

Back Office Notes

Post sticky notes to all users of the backoffice - Add notes to any Content node- Add notes to any Media node- Add notes to any Users node- Add...

version 4.7.0
1922 8

Tray Silk Icons

I really like the backoffice GUI of Umbraco. Its easy to work with and gentle on the eyes. However I suppose there is always room for minor improve...

version n/a
3635 6


At last a relatively simple way to compress your javascript and css files on the fly. uCompressIt is a couple of handlers that will take in your cs...

version 4.7.0
2085 3

Auros Public Sector Packages

This project is a collection of Umbraco packages we think are especially useful for public sector websites. Here at Auros, we have spent man...

version 4.7.0
8905 11

SharePoint Document Library Integration for Umbraco

Please note: This package requires that the Camelot.SharePointConnector is installed on the server. The Camelot .NET Connector for SharePo...

version 4.5.0 - 4.7.0
2995 0

Upgrade access.xml file

The format of the access.xml file is changed from V3 to V4 because of using the Membership provider. When you've  converted the site you'll no...

version 4.5.0
1509 2

Content Freeze

This package kicks out and prevents any Umbraco users from entering the back office - usefull for when the administrator wants to perform some kind...

version 4.7.0
1566 5