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With uTreeFormat you can change the format of your contenttree. It supports placeholders and razor. Check out codeplex for more information. If yo...

version 4.1.0 - 4.11.0
1338 0

SEO Checker

SEO checker helps you find common SEO issues on your website such as missing  meta tags, broken links etc. SEO checker allows you to fix...

version 6.0 - 8.0
24908 38

Proxy Media Server

Proxy Media Server installs a handler that allows the users to download media through a proxy instead of allowing them download the file directly....

version 4.6.0 - 4.8.0
1094 0

XFS Term Selector

About XFS Term Selector: This package contains the term selector and the corresponding (example) thesaurus doctypes. Selected terms/tags are store...

version 4.8.0 - 4.9.0
1930 1

Track Media

With Track Media you can see information about your media items in Google Analytics. This package requires that your website is using jQuery and t...

version 4.0.0 - 4.8.0
1908 20


Project is end-of-life

version 6.0 - 7.2
29986 7


This package contains templates that can be used to quickly add a Podcasts to your site. Usage Create a new node using the AMD.Po...

version 4.7.0
1295 2

redengine - Video Embed

V1.0 This is a simple macro which uses the embed functionality of the respective web site.   Supported Sites/Videos ----------------------...

version 4.7.0
1266 1


  CogUmbracoExamineMediaIndexer ============================= The CogUmbracoExamineMediaIndexer is a custom indexer to index any umbraco ME...

version 4.7.0
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  uBase is the evolution of the Umbraco /base framework, and is based on ASP.NET WebAPI. This also means that you need to have .NE...

version 4.7.0
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Widget Dropper

OVERVIEW: This package is to simplify the insertion or "dropping" of any kind of "widget" into the TinyMCE editor that might normally break or cau...

version 4.1.0 - 6.1
2390 2

Razor Components

Helper extensions for razor support in Umbraco 4.x This Library adds 2 new features to RazorLibraryCore (@Library.XXX()) 1. RenderMacro RenderMa...

version 4.7.0
2399 7


This package will enable a native MVC front-end for Umbraco v4.7   Its VERY important to read and understand the Readme.txt file: http://cd...

version 4.7.0
2003 2

Diplo Razor Form

This package aims to show you an example of how you can create a form in Umbraco 4 using pure Razor scripting (i.e. doesn't require or rely on ASP....

version n/a
3964 3

Node 2 JSON

An alt template to render node(s) as JSON objects. This packgade contains a Template and Razor MacroScript, so you can modify everthing yourself d...

version 4.7.0
2335 7


Umbraco weather service integration Created for the Codegarden 2012 Package compo. This is a  Umbraco Package with a server side XML...

version 4.7.0
1595 1

PDF viewer

This simple plugin adds an ability to select any pdf from your media and display it on any of your pages with google viewer iframe.

version 4.5.0 - 4.7.0
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Umbraco Calendar by Coding Staff

  Coding Staff Calendar for Umbraco is a CSS-based user-friendly calendar solution for storing information about all important dates and...

version 4.7.0
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Eksponent CropUp

  About   v1.0β is now available. It is backwards compatible with 0.9, but your old croppings will be lost if you choose to dow...

version 4.1.0 - 6.1
12665 46

Atlantic BT Node Sorter

  Use this package to apply a custom sort order to nodes.  You can configure which docTypes will be sorted.  Once a document of a s...

version 4.7.0
1018 3