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  • Bruno Olsen 75 posts 316 karma points
    Jan 31, 2019 @ 11:23
    Bruno Olsen

    Wierd behaviour, missing trees, missing content display... SSL. NS 2.1.9, U 7.6.3


    This installation has been online for a while, we put SSL on it with a redirect to https and everything seemed fine. Until the owner of the site wanted to change a few things on some pages and she logged on to find that the Content tree was gone.

    I tried to turn off the redirect and things seemed to go back to normal. So I investigated further and it seemed like I'd encountered something similar before.

    As she hadn't gotten around to start using NS yet, and still in trial mode, I thought I'd try uninstalling and activate the redirect again.

    The uninstall seemed for the most part to go ok, except the menu icon was still there. Activated the redirect and the site was still functioning fine.

    Decided to try installing NS again, as maybe the issue came from adding SSL after installing NS. Now, that didn't go well. First of all the old issue with settings URLs conflicting with CM Umbraco Tools re-emerged. And when going to Content the tree was there but nothing would appear in the content "window".

    Uninstalled NS again, and everything looked ok again (however, the icon was still there). I don't know why, but I decided to try again. This time nothing was wrong with Content, but the NS tree showed the {} brackets with item names. So I uninstalled and reinstalled again.

    At some point I looked at umbracoSettings.config to see if I could find something relating to NS and perhabs some https issue.

    And I found this in scheduledTasks:

    <task log="true" alias="newsletterstudioBounces" interval="840" url="" />
    <task log="true" alias="newsletterstudioBounces" interval="840" url="" />
    <task log="true" alias="newsletterstudioSendout" interval="300" url="" />
    <task log="true" alias="newsletterstudioSendout" interval="300" url="" /> 

    I'm guessing the issue might be here?

    Just before starting writing this I did a new install, keeping the redirect active, and the Content tree disappeared, and the NS tree was gone as well. Then I went for an uninstall again but was not able to as things were gone in Developer as well.

    Remembering the above code in umbracoSettings I just tried to comment those four lines out, and things went back to normal.

    Content has a tree and content, NS has a tree and content - and the correct URLs for settings etc, Developers is fine...

    So, would I be far off concluding that those four lines are the culprits?

    Kind regards, Bruno

  • Markus Johansson 1654 posts 4674 karma points c-trib
    Jan 31, 2019 @ 14:16
    Markus Johansson

    Hi Bruno!

    Sorry to hear that you are having issues.

    It might be as you are saying that the CM Tools and Newsletter Studio is "figthing" for the same routes but at the same time it's strange that this has an impact on the Content-tree as we're not doing anything with the Content-section except for an optional Property Editor.

    You're right about the scheduled tasks, they should have been removed when you uninstalled - there is a task for this but for some resone it did not work correctlly. The fact that they are there should not have any impact on your Content-tree tough.

    Maybe it's becuse there are multiple aliases with the same "namenewsletterstudioBounces" showns up twice. Could you try to keep just one of each and keep the http-url just for testing?

    I need to have a look at the installation-script and make sure that it repects the protocol and don't add duplicates.

    Thanks for reporting this and spending all the time trying to figure out whats wrong.

    All the best!

    // Markus

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