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  • Chris Day 34 posts 107 karma points c-trib
    Jan 11, 2016 @ 15:34
    Chris Day

    Merchello.SagePay Checkout

    I am having been struggling to set up my first payment gateway in Merchello...

    My client has gone for SagePay (Form Integration), and I have been attempting to work from the posts here and here (Thanks Barry, Chris & Gordon!) in order to get my checkout process complete.

    Thus far I have:

    • Installed Merchello.SagePay into my project and configured it in the backoffice with my test account details.
    • Added a Payment button to my checkout page.
    • Saved the payment method to my BasketSalePreparation.

    After this, I attempt AuthorizePayment, and I receive an error message that says:

    SagePay: request initialization error: Specified initialization vector (IV) does not match the block size for this algorithm.

    I also am not sure how to validate the payment after the user has completed their checkout on SagePay. I presume there is a callback URL, we have to receive the Invoice Key back from the return call and mark it as paid? I can't find anything that shows how to do this...

    Any help much appreciated! :)

    Here is my controller code:

        public ActionResult ConfirmSagePayPayment()
            var preparation = Basket.SalePreparation();
            preparation.RaiseCustomerEvents = false;
            // PAYMENT - Only one payment method so auto-select it (SagePay)
            var paymentGatewayMethod = MerchelloContext.Current.Gateways.Payment.GetPaymentGatewayMethods().FirstOrDefault();
            var paymentMethod = Payment.GetPaymentGatewayMethodByKey(paymentGatewayMethod.PaymentMethod.Key).PaymentMethod;
            // AuthorizePayment will save the invoice with an Invoice Number.
            var attempt = PerformProcessPayment(preparation, paymentMethod);
            if (!attempt.Payment.Success)
                return CurrentUmbracoPage();
            // store the invoice key in the CustomerContext for use on the receipt page.
            CustomerContext.SetValue("invoiceKey", attempt.Invoice.Key.ToString());
            if (attempt.Payment.Result.ExtendedData != null && attempt.Payment.Result.ExtendedData.ContainsKey("SagePayPaymentUrl"))
                return new RedirectResult(attempt.Payment.Result.ExtendedData["SagePayPaymentUrl"]);
            var nullref = new NullReferenceException("SagePay payment URL not found in extended data");
            LogHelper.Error<CheckoutController>("SagePay payment URL not found in extended data", nullref);
            throw nullref;
        protected IPaymentResult PerformProcessPayment(SalePreparationBase preparation, IPaymentMethod paymentMethod)
            return preparation.AuthorizePayment(paymentMethod.Key);
  • Chris Day 34 posts 107 karma points c-trib
    Jan 13, 2016 @ 11:19
    Chris Day

    This is resolved now. I downloaded the source for Merchello.Plugin.Payments..SagePay and went into debug...

    Turns out I had an incorrect encryption password in my backoffice settings 😳

    Major Sigh

    So, if anyone else has this same error message... check your encryption password in the back office settings!

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