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Clean Starter Kit

The Clean Starter Kit for Umbraco uses the Start Bootstrap Theme Clean Blog. It has been implemented in Umbraco v8 as a Starter Kit by Paul Seal wh...

version 8.1
1120 11

Umbraco Background Image And Logo Changer

You can change or customize umbraco backoffice login page Background Image And Logo from admin. When you change background image and logo from adm...

version 8.0
328 3

Create Umbraco Custom Form Field (Checkbox with Url)

Create umbraco form custom fields (Checkbox with Url)

version 7.0 - 8.0
108 1


UPillar v8 is an Umbraco starter theme for Resume or CV.  Features HTML5 + CSS3 Built on Bootstrap 4 6 colour schemes FontAwesome icons...

version 8.0
300 2

Bulma Starter Kit

A free starter kit / theme based on the Bulma CSS framework for Umbraco 8 from Matt Barlow of Jacker.io. Contains homepage, products, product detai...

version 8.5
1786 5


uPillar is a free Bootstrap resume/cv template comes with 6 colour schemes built on Bootstrap 4. The template is a single page content to modify y...

version 7.8 - 7.13
211 0

Igloo Theme

Igloo is a flexible, highly customisable theme that can be installed and ready to go in minutes. Whether you are looking to shave some hours off yo...

version 7.7 - 8.4
857 3


A unified identity and authentication solution that provides the broadest range of authentication options including passwordless login using mobi...

version 7.12
311 0

Umbraco Pylon Framework

Umbraco.Pylon This project is set up to provide base classes and structures for developing well architected, developer focussed Umbraco solutions...

version 7.10 - 7.11
722 0

HorseStrap Umbraco

An oppionated front-end stub that eNEIGHbles rapid but sturdy development.

version 7.8
265 0

CodeShare Starter Kit

In this starter kit you will see examples of how to do certain things in Umbraco such as: A Bootstrap carousel using Nested Content in the backe...

version 7.7 - 8.0
6043 18

The Starter Kit

This is the default starter kit for Umbraco 8.0.0+. It contains a simple website that contains many basic features to help get you started includi...

version 7.6 - 8.0
124469 3

Tribe Root Project

Root doctypes and templates for web project

version 7.6
761 0

SEO Starter Kit

Umbraco extension to quickly create SEO friendly websites. The package includes a partial document type to add SEO elements to existing or new docu...

version 7.4
1120 2

Umazel Starter Kit (Responsive Bootstrap Theme)

About this starter kit This is a starter kit for Umbraco 7.4 and onwards, based on the Mazel HTML theme. It is actually the same kit we are using...

version 7.4 - 7.5
8521 21

Flexeweb Commerce

Flexeweb Commerce is an Enterprise E-Commerce platform for Umbraco. It takes all the bits that Umbraco does amazingly and that we love, and adds...

version 7.0 - 7.2
1887 4

Pugpig for Umbraco v7

Starterkit package with which you can create pug pig publications.  Install instructions Install the package.  Move the newly create p...

version n/a
490 4


You can use the Velstand you can make easily site or blog use case : http://md-note.com/ Features Building website Bloging Grid layout Ca...

version 7.1 - 7.3
6252 0

Dream Initializr Starter Kit

Dream Starter Kit is a responsive starter layout for Umbraco 7.1.x. This project is based on Initializr HTML5 layout build in bootstrap demo....

version 7.1
7868 0

Semicolon Responsive Starter Kit

SEMICOLON Multipurpose Mobile Responsive Umbraco Starter Kit...   DEMO http://semicolon.azurewebsites.net/    

version 4.9.0 - 7.2
1540 3