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The Starter Kit

This is the default starter kit for Umbraco 8.0...

7.6.0 - 9+
4 205.6K

uSkinned Site Builder

Multiple Award Winning Umbraco Package Umbraco...

21 12K


A wonderful Blog engine built on Umbraco Minim...

7.1.0 - 8.12.0
58 69.7K

Igloo Theme

Igloo is a flexible, highly customisable theme...

7.7.0 - 9+
6 10.9K


Note: uLoremsy is causing issues in Umbraco 7 i...

4.1.0 - 7.4.0
55 75.6K

Smart Blog

Smart Blog is a blog package designed for Umbra...

6.0.0 - 7.2.0
17 31.2K

LocalGov Starter Kit

The Local Gov Starterkit has been built to give...

6.1.0 - 7.5.0
30 18.3K

Creative Website Starter (CWS)

Version 3.0.2 Works with 4.7.1 and only...

4.0.0 - 4.7.0
40 49.7K

OSKI Starter Kit

Free solution for website development from OSKI...

8.0.0 - 8.16.0
2 1.2K

OSKI Starter Kit for Umbraco 9

Quick start for your business with OSKI St...

2 990

CodeShare Starter Kit

In this starter kit you will see examples of ho...

7.7.0 - 8.0.0
22 8.6K

Clean Starter Kit

The Clean Starter Kit for Umbraco uses the Star...

14 3.5K

Umbraco Pylon Framework

Umbraco.Pylon This project is set up to provid...

7.10.0 - 7.11.0
0 4K

OSKI Starter Kit for Umbraco 11

Quick start for your business with OSKI Starter...

1 911


uBootstrap it's a Starter Kit for Umbraco based...

18 15.5K

Standard Website MVC

The Standard Website MVC package installs a com...

4.1.0 - 6.0.0
38 15.1K

Private Messaging

Due to the number of packages I now have to...

11 2.6K


You can use the Velstand you can make easily si...

7.1.0 - 7.3.0
0 7.1K

Pugpig for Umbraco v7

Starterkit package with which you can create pu...

4 558

Umbraco Background Image And Logo Changer

You can change or customize umbraco backoffice...

6 637


uShowcase is a photo gallery for Umbraco. It c...

0 3.3K

Umazel Starter Kit (Responsive Bootstrap Theme)

About this starter kit The current version of...

23 10.4K

EasyModules Gallery

This project will install a simple gallery that...

0 1.8K

CWS Start

This is a reboot of the old CWS Starter Website...

12 4.1K

Boilerplate HTML5 Starter Kit

The HTML5 Boilerplate is made by Paul Irish, Di...

3 2.8K

Chime Starter Kit

Chime is an opinionated Umbraco Starter Kit bas...

1 313

Create Umbraco Custom Form Field (Checkbox with Url)

Create umbraco form custom fields (Checkbox wit...

7.0.0 - 8.0.0
2 234

Reflections Starter Kit (For Umbraco 11)

Reflections Starter Kit (Structure) and and SEO...

0 118

Portfolio Starter Kit

This is a simple starter kit for Umbraco v9 It...

2 6.1K


A unified identity and authentication solution...

0 441

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