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The Starter Kit

This is the default starter kit for Umbraco 8.0.0+. It contains a simple website that contains many basic features to help get you started includi...

version 7.6 - 8.0
73035 2


A simple setup to create reveal.js based presentations.  Just start with a presentation overview page and add slides under it. Slides can hav...

version 7.0 - 8.0
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User Control File Editor

Adds a tree node to the developer section, which can be used to edit the ASCX user control files, (front-end only). More information about the pac...

version n/a
3132 22

Umbraco Forms

Everyone deserves a form creator that's as easy to use as Umbraco, so we built just that. Whether it's a simple contact form or an advanced multi-s...

version 7.1 - 8.0
65160 49


Vorto is a property editor wrapper (meaning it wraps any existing property editor) and converts it into a multilingual property by allowing you to...

version 7.4 - 7.13
9979 66

SEO Checker

SEO checker helps you find common SEO issues on your website such as missing  meta tags, broken links etc. SEO checker allows you to fix...

version 6.0 - 7.13
22947 36


CMSImport PRO helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco. The following datasources are supported by default : ...

version 6.0 - 7.12
39974 88


Adds support for adding properties relevant to images based derived using machine learning. Whenever a media item is saved it will have propertie...

version 7.12 - 7.13
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Keep your Umbraco settings in sync - uSync in an Umbraco package that takes the bits of Umbraco that are stored in a database and moves them to...

version 7.4 - 8.0
39355 91

tinyMCE for Macro Parameters

A simple parameter editor pre-configured to allow you to use a tinyMCE richtext field as a macro parameter.

version 7.5
28 2

Translation Manager

Extended translation tools for Umbraco. Translation manager makes handling translations simple, giving you a clear and concise way to create, mana...

version 7.6 - 7.13
3694 10

Tea Commerce

Tea Commerce is a strong lightweight e-commerce system for Umbraco – it’s easy to implement and ships with a simple admin interface for...

version 6.0 - 7.13
70608 58

Multi Url Picker

Allows editors to pick and sort multiple urls, it uses Umbraco's link picker which supports internal and external links and media. Usage Add a ne...

version 7.0 - 7.13
15670 70

Link Picker

This is a simple backoffice extension to add a link picker property editor to Umbraco 7.x Umbraco Link Picker uses the built-in linkPicker in Umbr...

version 7.6 - 7.13
5548 20

Lockout Membership Provider

Updated to support Umbraco 7 - For Umbraco 7 use version 2.0 This is an extension to the default UsersMembershipProvider which adds lockout functi...

version 6.0 - 7.0
2242 7

Stacked Content

Stacked Content - an Umbraco property editor for creating stacked content blocks. Important notice: To install this package, please make sure that...

version 7.7 - 7.13
1353 13

Linked Pages

Adds an item to the context menu on Content that lets you see and manage any relations (links) between the selected page and other pages on your si...

version 7.6 - 7.13
222 4

Inner Content

Inner Content is a helper library package for other Doc Type based property editors providing overlays and conversion helpers. Please note: T...

version 7.7 - 7.13
1061 4


SuperValueConverters is a collection of powerful property value converters for Umbraco 7, eliminating the need for casting and null checks on Umbra...

version 7.7 - 7.13
15 3


An advanced form builder for Umbraco. It's free and open source. Read the online documentation here: Here are the high...

version 7.4 - 7.13
9472 35