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Standard Website Install package

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Chris Koiak
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30 November 2010
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If you are using 4.10 or above please use

The Standard Website package installs a complete website that can be adapted to most standard website designs. It can also be useful as a prototype or starting point for further development. It contains

  • Homepage - Rotating images with 3 feature panels
  • Standard Page - Left hand navigation and right hand content panels
  • Article List - Create news or event lists
  • Google Map integration
  • Email Form - Customisable field names and types
  • Sitemap - Updates to reflect the current site structure
  • Client Area - Supports multiple clients and projects. Contains a Login Form.
  • XSLT Search (

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This package is very similar to but with more functionality and without the dependency on FamFamFam and uComponents.

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