Code Of Conduct


Our informal code of conduct concentrates on the values we, as Umbraco HQ, have set for ourselves and for our community. We expect you to be a friend.
Instead of listing out all the exact "do's" and "don't's" we want to challenge you to think about our values and apply them:

If there's a need to talk to Umbraco HQ about anything, please make sure to send a mail to Sebastiaan Janssen -


Be a Friend

We welcome and thank you for registering at Our Umbraco. Find below the values that govern Umbraco and which you accept by using Our Umbraco.


Assume positive intent and try to understand before being understood.



Treat others as you would like to be treated.

This also goes for treating the HQ with respect. For example: don’t promote products on that directly compete with our commercial offerings which enables us to work for a sustainable Umbraco.



Be honest and straightforward. Tell it as it is. Share thoughts and knowledge and engage in collaboration.



Don't rest on your laurels and never accept the status quo. Contribute and give back to fellow Umbracians.



Don’t judge upon mistakes made but rather upon the speed and quality with which mistakes are corrected. Friendly posts and contributions generate smiles and builds long lasting relationships.