Looking to try Umbraco?

Umbraco Cloud is the easiest and fastest way to use Umbraco yet with full support for all your custom .NET code and integrations. You're up and running in less than a minute and your life will be made easier with automated upgrades and a built-in deployment engine.

Powered by Microsoft Azure. No credit card needed. Free 14 day trial and pricing starts at just 30 EUR including hosting.

When you want to integrate custom .NET code, you can clone it to your local machine as it's all powered by Git and even comes with a powerful deployment setup out of the box, that lets you deploy new iterations of your site with the click of a button. See how it works:

Install Umbraco

If you want to DIY you can install Umbraco via NuGet. It's the same version of Umbraco CMS that powers Umbraco cloud, but you'll need to find a place to host yourself and handling deployments and upgrades is all down to you.

dotnet add package Umbraco.Cms --version 9.5.0

See all previous releases.
We recommend using the .NET CLI to start running Umbraco locally.

We recommend using on or more of the following .NET Tools or Editors: Visual Studio Code with the IISExpress extension, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.8 and higher, JetBrains Rider version 2020.3 and higher or .NET Core CLI
Make sure to check the full installation guide

Windows server requirements:
  • IIS 8 and higher
  • SQL Server 2012 and higher
  • .NET 5.0
  • Ability to set file permissions to include create/read/write (or better) for the user that "owns" the Application Pool for your site (NETWORK SERVICE, typically)