Umbraco Festivals



A 1-day event for all things Umbraco, organized by the community in different locations around the world.  


Umbraco Festivals are a great way of building and maintaining relationships within the community and between the community and Umbraco HQ.


Besides Codegarden which is organized by HQ, there are multiple Umbraco festivals which are the result of the hard work of very passionate community members.

There is a certain number of established festivals that are well-known within the Umbraco community. But we always encourage new Umbraco festivals in new locations and provide support following a certain number of guidelines.


The Festivals are held around the year in different locations. If you would like to join the festivities, you can check out the festivals calendar.


Thinking about starting a new Umbraco festival?

#H5YR! It will be an exciting journey and we are here to help you start off, so reach out to [email protected] with your questions and ideas.