Status: Released

Released on Thursday, May 30 2024

Recommended install from the command line:

dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates::14.0.0
dotnet new umbraco -n "MyProject"
dotnet run --project "MyProject"
Or use any of the alternative ways to install Umbraco.

Release notes

Welcome to version 14 of Umbraco

The final version is now available on Nuget.

Some functionality known from V13 is still under investigation or implementation and therefore not yet present in V14:

  • Tours
  • The “Help” menu
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Advanced label templates
  • Import/Export Document Types
  • Clipboard
  • Segments UI
  • Blocks Custom Backoffice Views
  • Workspace Badges (Do you want to discard your changes?)
  • Content Notifications (can be substituted by Workflow)
  • Custom Preview URLs, protected/hidden fields/tabs/groups, custom URLs, custom action messages, custom allowed document types (EditorModel Notifications)

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