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There is a newer version available - v11.4.0


This is the main Umbraco download, generally you won't need anything else.

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Upgrading note

Google Chrome has notoriously aggressive caching, so if something doesn't seem to work well in the backoffice, make sure to clear cache and cookies thoroughly (for other browsers as well). 

One way to nudge the cache in Chrome is to open the developer tools (F12) and go to the settings (the cog icon). There will be a checkbox that says "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)". Once this checkbox is on you can refresh the page and the cache should be invalidated. To force it even more, the "reload" button next to your address bar now has extra options when you right-click it. It should have "Normal reload", "Hard reload" and "Empty cache and hard reload" now. The last option is the most thorough and you might want to try that.

The important other thing you'll need to do is go into config/ClientDependency.config and update the version number in there. So if it currently says version="2" then just make it one higher: version="3".
This will ensure that any server-side cache of javascript and stylesheets gets cleared as well.

We're working on making this experience better and seamless, but for now make sure to follow these steps for v7 upgrades.

Upgrading from version 7.0.1

Follow the general upgrade guide AND the version specific upgrade guide.

Upgrading from version 7.0.0

Follow the general upgrade guide AND the version specific upgrade guide.

To upgrade from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 you will need to perform these tasks manually, the rest is handled by the installer:

  • Remove all uGoLive dlls from /bin 
    These are not compatible with V7

  • Move appSettings/connectionStrings back to web.config 
    If you are on 7.0.0 you should migrate these settings into the web.config instead of having them in seperate files in /config/
    So the keys in config/AppSettings.config need to be moved back to the web.config <appSettings> section and similarly, the config/ConnectionStrings.config holds the Umbraco database connections in v7.0.0 and they should be moved back to the web.config <connectionStrings> section. 
    /config/AppSettings.config and /config/ConnectionString.config can be removed (make backups, just in case) after the contents have been moved back to web.config.

  • Delete all files in ~/App_Data/TEMP/Razor/* 
    Related to issues with razor macros

  • Replace all files in the /install folder

Upgrading from Version 6

This is a major version, there are therefore several things you must be aware of before attempting to upgrade a site.

Breaking changes

There's one minor breaking change for package developers introduced in 7.0.2, read all about it in this blog post.

Related changes from the issue tracker

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