Status: Released

Released on Thursday, May 5 2022

There is a newer version available - v9.5.4

Recommended install from the command line:

dotnet new -i Umbraco.Templates::9.5.0
dotnet new umbraco -n "MyProject"
dotnet run --project "MyProject"
Or use any of the alternative ways to install Umbraco.

Release notes

The Umbraco 9.5 release is now available: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Umbraco.Cms/9.5.0 

This release includes improvements to implementing 2-factor authentication (2FA) for backoffice users, the ability to move Dictionary items, copy Member Types, and a lot more. The full list of improvements and fixes can be found below. Here are some of the features and fixes we think are worth focusing on in the RC phase:

Simplified setup of 2FA for backoffice users
Similar to the improvements to 2FA for Members released with Umbraco 9.3, this feature aims to make it easier to implement 2FA for backoffice users.

The improvements cover everything from adding a 2FA provider to updated login and User views in the backoffice. 

You can get details on how to configure 2FA for backoffice users in the new 2FA documentation.

Fix for Nucache Locks
A fix has been implemented to address intermittent locks in Nucache. If you have experienced this issue testing out the RC would be valuable. See the Github PR for more information.

Custom Error Pages
It is now possible to add custom error pages by following the standard ASP.NET Core convention. You can find documentation for error handling here.

And all the rest…
Also worth noting are 2 new actions available in the backoffice. You can now move Dictionary items to help organize the Dictionary tree, and the ability to copy Member Types is available (similar to copying Document Types). Feedback on these features, and all the other improvements and fixes, are of course welcome as well.

You can raise new issues on Github or comment on the existing issues and PRs. Thanks for helping out with testing the RC 🙌

Updates for RC2 - Release April 25th

Updates for RC3 - Release May 2nd

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