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  • Jan van Helvoort 17 posts 190 karma points c-trib
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 11:16
    Jan van Helvoort

    Hide properties for specific user groups

    Sometimes we misuse properties voor setting and / or config. It would be nice if we can specify per property if a property will be visible or be hidden for a specific group(s).

    property editor

    We could present a list of available user groups here and what is the most elegant way to do this, check if you want it visible, of default visible, and uncheck if you want to hide the property?

    Is this something that will fit inside Umbraco? If yes, what is the preferred way of doing this? If no, I will look for another solution.


  • Dave Woestenborghs 3213 posts 10797 karma points MVP 4x admin c-trib
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 11:31
    Dave Woestenborghs

    Hi Jan,

    Personally I would do this default visible and check it to unhide. The majority of properties will be visible to all users, so that is a lot of unchecking when creating doctypes.

    I personally hide tabs from certain user groups. Where should the checkboxes for that go ?


  • Shannon Deminick 1486 posts 4986 karma points hq
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 11:53
    Shannon Deminick

    From an API point of view this can be done now with events so it would be up to you at a granular level to decide what rules are applied to hide properties. You can subscribe to the event EditorModelEventManager.SendingContentModel and modify the outgoing model which means you can add/remove tabs/properties, and pretty much whatever you want. If you wanted to pursue that without modifying the core It would also be possible to create a package to have some UI to control these rules if you wanted.

  • Jan van Helvoort 17 posts 190 karma points c-trib
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 13:46
    Jan van Helvoort

    The question was more about the manager of the rules, not how to show / hide them. I already known EditorModelEventManager.SendingContentModel.

    Thank you! I will have a look for something to create and or mangere the rules.

  • Nik 1133 posts 4699 karma points MVP 2x c-trib
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 12:18

    HI Jan,

    There is a package that I believe can be used to do this.

    Have a look at


  • Jan van Helvoort 17 posts 190 karma points c-trib
    Dec 18, 2018 @ 13:48
    Jan van Helvoort

    Thank you Nik,

    It is in the good direction, it seems that is is not working on later versions of Umbraco. I will use it as starting point.

  • Jan van Helvoort 17 posts 190 karma points c-trib
    Dec 22, 2018 @ 11:51
    Jan van Helvoort

    I have created a first package version. You can create and manage rules (not delete yet). This monday I will continue and build options to delete rules and toggle active state. Also to export and import rules between environments.

  • Jan van Helvoort 17 posts 190 karma points c-trib
    Dec 26, 2018 @ 13:33
  • Connie DeCinko 95 posts 223 karma points
    Mar 13, 2019 @ 22:38
    Connie DeCinko

    This looks like a great package. Does it still work with Umbraco 7.13.x? This should be a standard feature in 8.

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