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  • Liam Dilley 126 posts 317 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 02:09
    Liam Dilley

    How is Umbraco 8 going?

    Hi All, How are is everyone finding Umbraco 8 and everything around it so far?

    The teams are working on updates but it's another big step but me and my team are personally finding and seeing a not so comfy feel as we did with 7.

    Some of the admin decisions with practicality like loosing the tabs has been in deep discussions already and things like this I think have gone a bit of a step too far.

    There are good but extensive code changes, I am just a fan of how refined things are but what that means is a lot of things did and do not work in the same way any more.

    This leads me to the packages:

    I build plugins and packages for things so I fully understand investing in time to update things, especially when you offer free ones. In saying this though I am not seeing the up tick in updated packages I thought, I thought people would be jumping on this growing CMS with 8 and updating packages but I am just not seeing it.

    The fact that Umbraco does not come with some key CMS -esk elements, some of the most used marketing, newsletter packages down to some of the common small ones have yet to see updates. In a few cases those developers and even companies who made them have gone dark on the community.

    When I look back to things even before 8 with things like for example - They were events, big talks about it and then just started to fade.

    I think my frustration is that Umbraco itself is awesome and continues to make really good gains but as a whole, in the market, the packages and growth it needs around this to be able to get the up take and growth it needs seems to be falling?

    For me, Looking at big enterprise solutions like Kentico failing, falling with their move to MVC and doing it badly, other solutions not seeing the updates, companies like Adobe failing and ending life their platforms due to miss management.... The Market is prime for better.

    Umbraco, with more solid core feature like a CRM, built in eCommerce and Marketing (newsletters) offerings or at least addons to how Umbraco forms are - It will grab more of the market!

    I do not think the Packages can be as relied on or the custom work in house to continue Umbraco to grow. For me I think if there was an Umbraco Pro with Forms, CRM, eCommerce, Newsletter campaigns is not a complicated ask but I know A LOT of agencies who would pick either the self hosted or cloud based solutions and pay the initial licence fee and hosting (cloud version) monthly's to be able to get that rich development and end user experience Umbraco seem to continue to shine at.

    Again, I think the developer and client side of Umbraco is continuing to be awesome but everything else around it seems to be dropping away and I think there needs to be a deep discussion about "Whats next" For Umbraco.

  • Shaishav Karnani from 353 posts 1637 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 07:03
    Shaishav Karnani from

    Hi Liam,

    Umbraco 8 is a major shift from past version. It's even bigger than Umbraco 6 to 7 upgrade because almost everything under the hood has been changed in v8. Therefore, Umbraco had mentioned this is Migration of data from v7 to v8 rather than upgrade.

    My take is that one should not hurry to move client from v7 to v8 migration. This is costly and need to be planned well as not many packages from v7 will get moved to v8.

    However, newer projects should be built on v8 as this is robust and I found once we understand it then code is in similar DI pattern for all the components. Makes it consistent and it is looking future proof with Microsoft gearing towards .NET Core.

    Given Microsoft Framework is upgrading then it looks a good call but indeed a learning curve is required.

    Their is no roadmap for new features that you have mentioned so something HQ can reply.



  • Liam Dilley 126 posts 317 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 08:03
    Liam Dilley

    As I said, it is not an issue with the code because it is straight forward changes and all makes sense. It is everything around it.

    1. Packages were already not being updated and big package developers already going silent before 8 even paid ones. I have been seeing a lot of people reaching to package developers and responses and updates being increasingly sketchy.

    2. I would not say its been robust/stable - LOVE IT (minus the change to tabs of course) but finding a lot of ropey stuff. You should not name a child document type the same as parent but you wouldn't in 7 and avoid it, in 8 you completely break the site with caching errors and content vanishing etc. These things of course will get sorted, as you said - big release but I just wanted to note I do not think it is solid yet.

    3. From what I said with 1. The market is primed for a good .net core (5) mvc solid CMS which Umbraco is heading towards. But I do not see the community build to cover what Umbraco does out of the box being strong but the opposite. So it is a concern, if I was higher up within Umbraco I would be asking the questions and looking at things like an Umbraco Pro. Producing the forms for example to what is Umrbaco Forms was a solid move, you can use other packages but its a solid addition that integrates and doing that with more of the core true "CMS" elements would be a strong offering.

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