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  • ECL 7 posts 37 karma points
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 15:55

    SMTP / Mailform problem

    Hi - I have installed the following starter kit

    However, when I attempt to use the mail form, I receive the following error:

    "There was an error sending your contact details. A from e-mail address must be specified in the From property or the config section."

    My host is PipeTen - and they advised me to ask here. I have tried making the changes in web.config referred to in the following URLs

    I see a 500 error, but I am told that the error they see is as follows:

    "Configuration file is not well-formed XML " 71: "smtp deliverymethod=“Network” from=“[email protected]

    I appreciate that this may be due to me - but can anyone advise me as to what I can do to make this work?


  • Jan Skovgaard 11264 posts 23593 karma points MVP 9x admin c-trib
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 15:58
    Jan Skovgaard

    Hi ECL

    in the /config/umbracoSettings.config file you need to specify a valid sender e-mail address I think.

    Also you need to setup some valid SMTP information in the web.config file as mentioned in the post you referenced above.

    I think this should work unless the theme does an override of these settings somehow.


  • Chriztian Steinmeier 2757 posts 8511 karma points MVP 6x admin c-trib
    Mar 10, 2015 @ 16:06
    Chriztian Steinmeier

    Hi ECL,

    First: It looks like you've forgot the quotes on the attribute values - if you have XML that looks like this:

    smtp deliverymethod=Network [email protected]

    it should look like this to be valid XML:

    <smtp deliverymethod="Network" from="[email protected]"></smtp>

    (but the exact format depends on the file/ setting you're editing)

    For my sites and webhost, this is the line I usually need to put in Web.config:

    <network host="SMTP.SERVER.COM" port="25" userName="" password="" defaultCredentials="true" />

    And then my webhost requires a valid email address in the From: header, which is set in the umbracoSettings.config file, look for the notifications tag:

        <email>[email protected]</email>


  • Chuck Kirklen 36 posts 184 karma points
    Dec 05, 2015 @ 03:19
    Chuck Kirklen

    YMMV, but this is what worked for me with the uSkinned Source starter kit on a Windows 2012 server, where 'myuser' and 'mypwd' are obviously the ones that are used at the hosting company for the account:

      <smtp from="[email protected]">
        <network host="" userName="myuser" password="mypwd" />
  • Marc Love ( 402 posts 1456 karma points
    Dec 07, 2015 @ 15:08
    Marc Love (

    Hi ECL,

    All you need to get your theme sending Mail is to get your mailSettings correct in web.config for the account you are using.

    We use sendgrid, which is a free service for up to 12,000 emails a month which should be more than enough.



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