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  • Dominic 21 posts 93 karma points
    May 26, 2015 @ 11:43

    Git Ignore - Bin .XML Files

    Hi - I am working on a Git Ignore file based on the numerous examples around.  

    I am finding that Package Manager restore succesfully pulls in all the .dll files, but the XML files, such as umbraco.editorControls.xml, are not downloaded.  Does anyone think this would cause an issue? Or have I just got something wrong in my Git Ignore file?

    ## Ignore Visual Studio temporary files, build results, and ## files generated by popular Visual Studio add-ons. # User-specific files *.suo *.user *.userosscache *.sln.docstates # User-specific files (MonoDevelop/Xamarin Studio) *.userprefs # Build results [Dd]ebug/ [Dd]ebugPublic/ [Rr]elease/ [Rr]eleases/ x64/ x86/ build/ bld/ [Bb]in/ ![Bb]in/*.xml [Oo]bj/ # Visual Studo 2015 cache/options directory .vs/ # MSTest test Results [Tt]est[Rr]esult*/ [Bb]uild[Ll]og.* # NUNIT *.VisualState.xml TestResult.xml # Build Results of an ATL Project [Dd]ebugPS/ [Rr]eleasePS/ dlldata.c # DNX project.lock.json artifacts/ *_i.c *_p.c *_i.h *.ilk *.meta *.obj *.pch *.pdb *.pgc *.pgd *.rsp *.sbr *.tlb *.tli *.tlh *.tmp *.tmp_proj *.log *.vspscc *.vssscc .builds *.pidb *.svclog *.scc # Chutzpah Test files _Chutzpah* # Visual C++ cache files ipch/ *.aps *.ncb *.opensdf *.cachefile # Visual Studio profiler *.psess *.vsp *.vspx # TFS 2012 Local Workspace $tf/ # Guidance Automation Toolkit *.gpState # ReSharper is a .NET coding add-in _ReSharper*/ *.[Rr]e[Ss]harper *.DotSettings.user # JustCode is a .NET coding add-in .JustCode # TeamCity is a build add-in _TeamCity* # DotCover is a Code Coverage Tool *.dotCover # NCrunch _NCrunch_* .*crunch*.local.xml # MightyMoose *.mm.* AutoTest.Net/ # Web workbench (sass) .sass-cache/ # Installshield output folder [Ee]xpress/ # DocProject is a documentation generator add-in DocProject/buildhelp/ DocProject/Help/*.HxT DocProject/Help/*.HxC DocProject/Help/*.hhc DocProject/Help/*.hhk DocProject/Help/*.hhp DocProject/Help/Html2 DocProject/Help/html # Click-Once directory publish/ # Publish Web Output *.[Pp]ublish.xml *.azurePubxml # TODO: Comment the next line if you want to checkin your web deploy settings # but database connection strings (with potential passwords) will be unencrypted *.pubxml *.publishproj # NuGet Packages *.nupkg # The packages folder can be ignored because of Package Restore **/packages/* # except build/, which is used as an MSBuild target. !**/packages/build/ # Uncomment if necessary however generally it will be regenerated when needed #!**/packages/repositories.config # Windows Azure Build Output csx/ *.build.csdef # Windows Store app package directory AppPackages/ # Visual Studio cache files # files ending in .cache can be ignored *.[Cc]ache # but keep track of directories ending in .cache !*.[Cc]ache/ # Others ClientBin/ [Ss]tyle[Cc]op.* ~$* *~ *.dbmdl *.dbproj.schemaview *.pfx *.publishsettings node_modules/ bower_components/ orleans.codegen.cs # RIA/Silverlight projects Generated_Code/ # Backup & report files from converting an old project file # to a newer Visual Studio version. Backup files are not needed, # because we have git ;-) _UpgradeReport_Files/ Backup*/ UpgradeLog*.XML UpgradeLog*.htm # SQL Server files *.mdf *.ldf # Business Intelligence projects * *.bim.layout *.bim_*.settings # Microsoft Fakes FakesAssemblies/ # Node.js Tools for Visual Studio .ntvs_analysis.dat # Visual Studio 6 build log *.plg # Visual Studio 6 workspace options file *.opt # Note: VisualStudio gitignore rules may also be relevant # Ignore unimportant folders generated by Umbraco **/App_Data/ClientDependency/ **/App_Data/ExamineIndexes/ **/App_Data/Logs/ **/App_Data/[Pp]review/ **/App_Data/TEMP/ Cached/ # Ignore Umbraco content cache file **/App_Data/umbraco.config # Don't ignore Umbraco packages (VisualStudio.gitignore mistakes this for a NuGet packages folder) # Make sure to include details from VisualStudio.gitignore BEFORE this !**/App_Data/[Pp]ackages/ !**/[Uu]mbraco/[Dd]eveloper/[Pp]ackages

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