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  • Beau D'Amore 29 posts 69 karma points
    Oct 28, 2013 @ 02:53
    Beau D'Amore

    Create/Manage user(s) from iOS via API and general info

    I didn't know where to ask this as it is more 'Top View'.

    I am extremely new to Umbraco. However, I have chosen it for the CMS supporting my new site (connected to my mobile app). However, I am an ASP / C# / SQL / iOS developer of many years.

    This started as a mobile app and has now expanded scope and requires a CMS (Umbraco) to include 'social aspects' like a forum for starters and the ability to pull in user's run data like 'Your last run was Oct 12 for 4.2 miles. Your app history's total distance is now 225 miles'. and so on. Integrate the run data into the site.

    I started a fresh Umbraco instance, setup a SQL db, and piped in the Business starter kit and the skin to get it going. (my partners will dev the skin, not worried about that at the moment)

    I also have an MVC4 WebAPI/SQL DB combo setup to take accept run data posted from my runner's GPS app I'm developing. Currently It has a 'signup' and a 'login' that use my tables/DB. What I want to do is:

    -I want new users to be created within Umbraco's ecosystem and use the Umbraco Membership for tracking a user's run data in my tables. Umbraco uses ASP.NET Membership, correct?

    First thing, how do I create a new user via the existing API via iOS? (I know how to do wbe calls in iOS, but anything special about the posting methodologies to watch, etc? (links to umbraco API examples appreciated)

    More general:

    I need some overall help too that has been somewhat elusive. I tried using VS2010 and VS2012 with a blank mvc4 prj using NuGet to get umbraco, but I am always missing files and such when I use a starter kit.

    -Should I start from downloading the zip?

    -How do I need to tweak VS to be able to mod Umbraco successfully and be able to publish successfully? (I've had major trouble running umbraco locally working well, then publish and have it bomb terribly server side.

    -How do I handle new package installs when I'm compiling it myself in VS?

    ...... Where do I start?...I'm eager to dig right in.

    FYI: I've not worked with modifying a CMS like this directly, but I have worked with ASPDOTNETSTOREFRONT eComm package extensively, and I hear it's similar with it's use of XSLT/XML/XSL templates, etc.

    How do I add a new user via Umbraco's API? (via iOS if you have specific urls)?

    How do I get it going in VS 2010 or 2012 right?

    How do I add some tables that are related to a user (for running data)?

    make Umbraco aware of these tables and their need for being related to users?

    Modify the existing API to accept the iOS running data posts... possible?..or tie my own current API into Umbraco's ecosystem via my own SP's and better leave the stock API alone, trouble, hard, etc?..

    Then, how do I display some of the new table data processed nicely in the main view of Umbraco when a user logs in?

    Please, just start pointing me around, give me links, pretend I'm a sponge. I need to get this whole Umbraco ecosystem wound up around my head because I think I'm giong to be using it extensively in the near future.

    Any, tutorials, inside info, sage's intuition, or crazy notions are all welcome.

    Appreciate the help everyone. Nice to meetcha.

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