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  • Michael Sims 119 posts 387 karma points
    May 18, 2013 @ 21:18
    Michael Sims

    Razor Search Example

    I'm having trouble creating a search facility on my website using razor. Here is what I have so far:

    In the ExamineIndex.config file:


        <IndexSet SetName="WebsiteIndexSet" IndexPath="~/App_Data/TEMP/ExamineIndexes/WebsiteIndexSet/">
            <add Name="id" Type="Number" />
            <add Name="nodeName" EnableSorting="true" />
            <add Name="createDate" EnableSorting="true" Type="DateTime" />        
            <add Name="updateDate" EnableSorting="true" Type="DateTime" />
            <add Name="writerName" />
            <add Name="path" />
            <add Name="nodeTypeAlias" />
            <add Name="parentID" />

            <add Name="pageTitle" />
            <add Name="pageShort" />
            <add Name="pageIntroduction" />
            <add Name="pageContent" />
            <add Name="uBlogsyContentTitle" />
            <add Name="uBlogsyContentSummary" />
            <add Name="uBlogsyContentBody" />

         <add Name="uBlogsyPost" />
         <add Name="Page" />
         <add Name="Event" />
         <add Name="Home" />
         <add Name="Level1" />
         <add Name="Dashboard" />
         <add Name="Events" />

         <add Name="File" />


    In the ExamineSettings.config file:
          <add name="WebsiteIndexer" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoContentIndexer, UmbracoExamine"
               analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net"/>
          <add name="WebsiteSearcher" type="UmbracoExamine.UmbracoExamineSearcher, UmbracoExamine" 
             analyzer="Lucene.Net.Analysis.Standard.StandardAnalyzer, Lucene.Net"
             indexSet="WebsiteIndexSet" />
    In my search.cshtml file:
     string term = Request["s"]; // Search term
      var criteria = ExamineManager.Instance.SearchProviderCollection["WebsiteSearcher"].CreateSearchCriteria();
     Examine.SearchCriteria.IBooleanOperation filter = null;
      // Create array of node fields to be searched
      var fields = new string[] { "nodeName", "pageTitle", "pageShort", "pageContent", "uBlogsyContentTitle", "uBlogsyContentSummary", "uBlogsyContentBody" };
      // Split & iterate each word within the search term
      foreach (var t in term.Split(' '))
        if (filter == null)
          filter = criteria.GroupedOr(fields, t);
          filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, t);
      if(filter == null)
        filter = criteria.GroupedOr(fields, term);
        filter = filter.And().GroupedOr(fields, term);
      // Execute the search query & order by score
      var searchResults = Examine.ExamineManager.Instance
        .OrderByDescending(x => x.Score);
    The problem:
    So I have some content items that have the title "Bible in a year".
    When I search for Bible I get 50 results
    However when I search:
    Bible in
    I get 0 results
    Any ideas what I am doing wrong?


  • gary 385 posts 915 karma points
    May 19, 2013 @ 16:07

    hi Michael

    is your split on var t only taking first entry? Do you need to add string params for the second, third etc?

    Only had a quick glance, but that came to mind so thought it may help.

    apologies if not useful



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