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  • colin gray 16 posts 56 karma points
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 18:15
    colin gray

    XSLTsearch not returning some content from XML

    hi, XSLTsearch not returning some content from XML

    - set up a new site (umbraco 4.10.1 Koiak standard site package which includes XSLTsearch 3.0 ).

    - created new Doc type with 2 content section (Standard_and_SideLinks)   bodyText & sideLink

    - amended XSLTsearch.xslt  
    <xsl:variable name="searchFields" select="PS.XSLTsearch:getListParameter(string(/macro/searchFields), '@nodeName,metaKeywords,metaDescription,sideLink,bodyText')"/>

    - sidelink data is in umbraco.config (see below)

    - search will find bodyText content / description noe name

    - BUT search wont find "sideLink" content ? Any ideas ?


    umbraco.config snipet

    <Standard_and_SideLinks id="1101" parentID="1073" level="3" writerID="0" creatorID="0" nodeType="1099" template="1102" sortOrder="2" createDate="2012-11-26T13:36:30" updateDate="2012-11-28T16:36:32" nodeName="test" urlName="test" writerName="admin" creatorName="admin" path="-1,1071,1073,1101" isDoc=""><bodyText><![CDATA[<p>main content ... </p>]]></bodyText>
    <sideLink><![CDATA[<p>side stuff side stuff side </p>]]></sideLink>

    top of umbraco config

    <!DOCTYPE root[<!ELEMENT Standard_and_SideLinks ANY>
    <!ATTLIST Standard_and_SideLinks id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Article ANY><!ATTLIST Article id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Base ANY><!ATTLIST Base id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT ClientArea ANY><!ATTLIST ClientArea id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT ContentMaster ANY><!ATTLIST ContentMaster id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT ContentPanel ANY><!ATTLIST ContentPanel id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT ContentPanels ANY><!ATTLIST ContentPanels id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Homepage ANY><!ATTLIST Homepage id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT RelatedLink ANY><!ATTLIST RelatedLink id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Slide ANY><!ATTLIST Slide id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Slideshow ANY><!ATTLIST Slideshow id ID #REQUIRED><!ELEMENT Standard ANY><!ATTLIST Standard id ID #REQUIRED> ]><root id="-1">

  • Douglas Robar 3570 posts 4711 karma points MVP ∞ admin c-trib
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 18:46
    Douglas Robar

    You shouldn't need to modify the xsltsearch.xslt file at all. Just pass in the relevant parameters when you use the xsltsearch macro in your template.

    If values are passed in from the macro they are used. The modification you made to the xslt file itself will only come into effect if no value is passed in.

    So... what are the parameters to the <umbraco:Macro ...> tag in the XSLTsearch *template*? That's where the macro is (at least by default... if you've put the macro in another template, what are the parameters for the macro in the appropriate template)? Where you use the macro is where you should set the parameters, such as for searching in the sideLink content.


  • colin gray 16 posts 56 karma points
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:11
    colin gray

    Thanks for the pointer Doug,

    Found that 'Koiak standard site package' has a search masterpage with the values set in it.


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