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  • Jesper Lauridsen 25 posts 84 karma points
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 15:58
    Jesper Lauridsen

    Transfering xml-data to webmethod...

    Hi all

    I am having a problem getting some data (xmlPathNodeIterator) from my XLST-document to a c# webmethod.
    How can that be done?

    Let me try to explain in more details;
    My XSLT document loads and display the data from an external library, which returns the data as an XPathNodeIterator (that works flawlessly).

    The idea is, that when the user click a button, the data is sent to a WebMethod, which handles further processing of the data.
    But I don't know how to get the XML-data from my XSLT-variable to jQuery - It seems that I only receive a string with all the data - not the XML-'tree'.

    I am working on a Umbraco 4.5 system.

    Anty help, that could point me in the right direction is apprecieated.

  • Kevin Jump 2146 posts 13582 karma points MVP 6x c-trib
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 16:51
    Kevin Jump


    When you get the string with all the data is that still in xml format (so <somedata><somechild>.....</somechild></somedata>) ? 

    if so - when you are in the WebMethod you will need to load the string into an XML object. there are a couple of ways to do this. 

    depending on what you are doing. 

    you can load it into an XmlDocument 

    XmlDocument xmlDoc = new xmlDoc(); 

    from there you can manipulate the xml, do xpath ect

    for looping through XML i prefere to use XElement, which is in System.Xml.Linq - and lets you do linq style things

    XElement element = XElement.Parse(xmlString);
    if your not even getting the xml output - i would check if you need disable-output-escaping within the xslt to preserve anything. 


  • Jesper Lauridsen 25 posts 84 karma points
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 17:55
    Jesper Lauridsen

    Hi Kevin

    To be honest,I don't know in which format, the data I get, is - but I can use it in my XSLT-document to show data, so I would expect it to be XML. I am fairly new to XSLT, Umbraco and the whole environment, so bear with me, if I am clueless :)

    But when I try to display it with <xsl:value-of ..> it only shows me the data, not the keys/nodes. That is probably normal behavier :)

    My data-'provieder' is formatted like this;

    public static XPathNavigator getSingleDataRecord(double customerCampaignID, double clientid)
           XmlDocument xmlDoc = new XmlDocument();
           NameValueCollection icCustomer = .... get data
           xmlDoc.LoadXml("<customer />");
           XmlNode stamDataNode = xmlDoc.CreateElement("basedata");
           foreach (String key in icCustomer)
               XmlNode keyNode = xmlDoc.CreateElement(key);
           return xmlDoc.CreateNavigator();

    In my XSLT file, I store the data in a variable, which I then use to display the data;

    <xsl:variable name="custData" select="ExternalLibrary:getSingleDataRecord(9996496, 669)" />

    My problem is, that I want to use the data in jQuery, which is calling a WebMethod to store the data on another storage.

    But I don't know how I can convert/transter the above to eg. json.

    Any pointers are apprecieated.

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