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  • Gaz Blain 3 posts 74 karma points
    Sep 26, 2017 @ 15:55
    Gaz Blain

    Can you replace the Member & User services?

    Hi, I'm new to Umbraco and looking into whether we can use it as a replacement for our N2CMS system.

    We use our own user/roles DB for both the Members login and Users login (users are really just a role of the members login) and want to do something similar with Umbraco.

    I have managed to find some documents that tell me how to replace the UmbracoMembershipProvider (pointing the Web.config to the new one) and I have managed to get the Member login to work by overriding the ValidateUser function as well as using [Authenticated] tag on actions in our controllers for ensuring a user is logged in before they can view the page.

    Now this alone will allow us to simply replace the login with the system we use in N2CMS (well bar the user part but I'm kind of assuming (hoping!) that overriding that will be as simple). BUT in N2CMS we don't currently have a user management screens and tend to do most of it via the DB directly when/if we need to so I would LIKE to be able to keep the nice standard Member section in the backend but it seems to directly access the MemberService for stuff like getting a list of member which we (as far as I can see) can't override.

    SO is there any tutorials or docs on how we can completely intercept the calls from that UI or is it best practice to just disable the Members (and Users once we overwrite that) and replace it with our own UI for maintaining the members/users including roles etc...?


  • Keith 74 posts 240 karma points
    Sep 30, 2022 @ 14:40

    Hi Gaz,

    I know this is an old one, but I am now considering doing the same thing. I want to keep the UI for member management in the Backoffice, but actually store the members in another database.

    Did you ever get this working?

    I am using V10 and from what I can tell, I have a few potential options:

    • Replace the MemberService with a custom one using dependency injection. And implement all the methods to talk to my custom database instead of umbraco's.
    • Replace the "MemberController"? Not sure if this is possible, but I certainly could intercept requests it handles with some middleware and bypass the member service completely.
    • Replace the MemberRepository with a custom one using dependency injection, which would query my database instead of umbraco's

    The one I like the most is the middleware that intercepts the requests from the Backoffice UI, cause it involves no modification of any of umbracos code.

    Whichever way it is done though, I assume we would need to create fake Member objects, with fake property objects etc. to send to the UI.

    I am wondering if you got this far with your development? Or were there road blocks and I should not invest time in this?



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