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  • Konstantin Kožokar 6 posts 86 karma points
    Dec 22, 2017 @ 10:56
    Konstantin Kožokar

    Add grid to property editor

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to add gridlayout to my property editor and I have no idea where can I find configuration for it. Here is my solution atm.


    function Controller($scope, dataTypeResource) {
        //$scope.myProperty = {};
        //dataTypeResource.getByName('Grid layout - MG - Basic').then(function (e) {
        //  console.log(e);
            $scope.myProperty = {
                label: 'bodyText',
                description: 'Load some stuff here',
                view: 'grid',
                config: {
    angular.module("umbraco").controller("mg.livefeed", Controller);


       <div ng-controller="mg.livefeed">
        <umb-editor model="myProperty"></umb-editor>


    "propertyEditors": [
            "alias": "MG.LiveFeed",
            "name": "OMG LiveFeed",
            "icon": "icon-poll",
            "editor": {
                "view": "~/App_Plugins/Livefeed/editor.html"
    "javascript": [
    ] }
  • Søren Tidmand 129 posts 366 karma points
    Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:08
    Søren Tidmand

    Hi Konstantin,

    I know that your post is old, so you might have found a solution elsewhere. But here's my two cents anyhow.

    Unless I don't get your demands for the property editor, I would suggest that you just create a new datatype using the built-in grid layout editor - and customise this datatype (grid layout editor) to fit you needs by adding your own custom editors and/or removing the standard editors available for this specific datatype.

    If I'm not getting your point you're welcome to specify further and I'd be happy to see if can be of any assistance.


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