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  • Madison James 31 posts 147 karma points
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 06:09
    Madison James

    URLs without query strings

    I'm using Umbraco 7.10, and I've added a Tag Cloud to my blog. I've poured over the documentation and this forum trying to find how to create links that don't use ?t=tag for example, to the tagged content but I've only been able to find a few topics that seem to relate to what I need and I'm still unsure of the direction I need to go. I know that the tag feature in Articulate works like what I need but I already have everything I want on the site and would rather not have to use that entire package.

    This works and the list of content displays on the tag page with a URL of mysite/tag/?t=umbraco for example

    <ul class="list-inline">
            @foreach (TagModel tag in pTags)
                <li><a href="/tag/[email protected]" >@tag.Text</a></li>

    but I would like the link to be

    <a href="/tag/@tag.Text" >@tag.Text</a>

    so that the URL is mysite/tag/umbraco for example and be able to display the correct content.

    From what I can find I think this is about routing but I'm not sure exactly where to look in the source code to write this correctly.

    If someone could point me in a very specific direction I would really appreciate it.

  • Richard Eyres 98 posts 580 karma points
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 06:59
    Richard Eyres


    Sounds like this may be done by using the Content Finder (

    If the url starts with /tag/ then whatever will follow the url will be the tag name. Then add the tag value to the HttpContext.Items.

    I recently did something for my project - here is the snippet

    public class PropertyDetailsContentFinder : IContentFinder { public bool TryFindContent(PublishedContentRequest contentRequest) { try { if (contentRequest != null) { var path = contentRequest.Uri.GetAbsolutePathDecoded(); var parts = path.Split(new[] { '/' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);

                    if (parts.Any() && parts.Length == 2)
                        var rootUrlName = parts.First();
                        // Check to see of the Url name matches the start of the requested url
                        if (rootUrlName.StartsWith("ENTER START OF URL HERE"))
                            // Time to get the property reference
                            var propertyReference = parts[1];
                            UmbracoContext.Current.HttpContext.Items.Add(Constants.Convention.PropertyReference, propertyReference);
                            // Redirect to the public profile page
                            contentRequest.PublishedContent = propertyDetailsPage;
            catch (Exception e)
                LogHelper.Error<PropertyDetailsContentFinder>("Error finding Property Details: ", e);
            return contentRequest?.PublishedContent != null;

    I then had a Page Controller that intercepts the request, and works with the item pushed into the HttpContext.Items.

    public class PropertyDetailsPageController : RenderMvcController


    public ActionResult PropertyDetailsPage(PropertyDetailsOverviewModel model)
        if (!ModelState.IsValid) LogHelper.Warn<PropertyDetailsPageController>("Model Invalid for Property Details page.");
        // Get the profile reference from the context
        if (UmbracoContext.HttpContext.Items.Count <= 0) return CurrentTemplate(model);
        var propertyReference = UmbracoContext.HttpContext.Items[Constants.Convention.PropertyReference];
        if (propertyReference == null) return CurrentTemplate(model);
        return CurrentTemplate(model);


    Hope that will start to point you in a direction to meet your needs.

    Sorry about the poor code formatting - think it is an issue with the editor on this forum.

    If there is a better way of doing this, then i am all ears - always happy to improve my writing.

  • Madison James 31 posts 147 karma points
    Aug 31, 2018 @ 07:20
    Madison James

    Thanks so much, I'll give that a try and let you know the results.

  • Madison James 31 posts 147 karma points
    Sep 01, 2018 @ 03:47
    Madison James

    Richard, thanks for getting me to look at the Content Finder with an extra controller.

    After comparing your ideas to the way Articulate works it appears I'm going to have to work with the urlHelper Extensions and MVC routing to get exactly what I'm looking for.

    Going over your code snippets got me thinking along the correct path.

  • fatmazayed 41 posts 122 karma points
    Apr 25, 2023 @ 22:57

    you can try my code

    code link

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