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  • Simon Dingley 1383 posts 3233 karma points c-trib
    Dec 19, 2018 @ 12:07
    Simon Dingley

    Accessing Doctype Properties in Custom ListView Layout

    Did anything change in recent versions relating to the data available in a ListView?

    I am trying to put together a custom layout and seem to not have access to any of the values on the document properties for each item in the $scope.items collection.

    enter image description here

    If that is the way it is now then I guess I just have to make additional calls out to get them but the below seems a bit of a weighty solution to that?

            function(item) {
                    .then(function(ent) {
                        var imgProp = _.find(, function (p) { return (p.alias === "image"); });
                        item.excerpt = _.find(, function (p) { return (p.alias === "excerpt"); }).value;
                            .then(function(media) {
                                item.image = mediaHelper.resolveFile(media, false) + "?width=400&height=240&mode=crop";

    Is anyone doing this differently or more elegantly?

  • MB 66 posts 261 karma points
    Dec 19, 2018 @ 13:21

    Not ListView per-se, but I was recently working on a similar issue and found I quickly hit the point where the number of requests was impacting performance so much that I was better served writing a resourcePromise using umbRequestHelper to an UmbracoAuthorizedJsonController, do all the work there with the C# API, and pass back a resultSet object.

  • Simon Dingley 1383 posts 3233 karma points c-trib
    Dec 21, 2018 @ 16:22
    Simon Dingley

    I'm not at that point yet but thanks for the heads up. I am sure the property data used to be available but perhaps for the same reasons you found that is no longer the case.

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