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  • Allan Haugsted 14 posts 104 karma points
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 08:26
    Allan Haugsted


    I'm trying to track down whats going on inside some of my components, each of which controls a custom mvc route with a custom handler.

    How do I access or obtain access to the serilog logger (from within the component) which outputs to /app_data/logs? I have tried just injecting an ILogger, but that fails horribly and prevents the site from booting.


  • Shaishav Karnani from 354 posts 1638 karma points
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 09:46
    Shaishav Karnani from

    Hi Allan,

    Please can you share the code as iLogger is the way to go and it worked for us.



  • Allan Haugsted 14 posts 104 karma points
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 11:50
    Allan Haugsted
    public class ProductRouteComponent : IComponent
        private readonly IDomainService _domainService;
        private readonly ILogger _logger;
        public ProductRouteComponent(IDomainService domainService, ILogger logger)
            _domainService = domainService;
            _logger = logger;
        public void Initialize()
        public void Terminate()
  • Allan Haugsted 14 posts 104 karma points
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 11:51
    Allan Haugsted

    The above will fail with the following:

    ystem.InvalidOperationException: Unresolved dependency [Target Type: An.Web.Components.ProductRouteComponent], [Parameter: logger(ClientDependency.Core.Logging.ILogger)], [Requested dependency: ServiceType:ClientDependency.Core.Logging.ILogger, ServiceName:]

    I have also tried adding the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions package and used the ILogger

  • HBSequence 6 posts 77 karma points
    May 22, 2020 @ 14:54

    Hi Allan. I just had the same issue in a Surface Controller, which went away when I added this using statement: using Umbraco.Core.Logging.

  • Anders Bjerner 487 posts 2989 karma points MVP 8x admin c-trib
    May 23, 2020 @ 19:34
    Anders Bjerner

    Yes, as HBSequence is onto, you need to specify the correct namespace.

    With the various DLLs shipping with Umbraco, there are a few different interfaces called ILogger.

    From the stack trace posted, it seems that you've used ClientDependency's ILogger instead of Umbraco's ILogger.

    The correct namespace is Umbraco.Core.Logging.


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