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  • tentonipete 78 posts 223 karma points
    Nov 02, 2011 @ 19:37

    Any recent experience with Webfusion shared hosting?

    A client's IT company is putting Webfusion forward as their proposed hosting solution. I was just wondering if anyone on OUR had any recent experience with them successful or otherwise. If Umbraco doesn't fly on there then I would like to propose an alternative before it's too late...


  • webfusion 1 post 21 karma points
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 21:33


    I work on behalf of Webfusion.

    Further to our telephone conversation Webfusion's Windows Hosting runs on a Medium Trust Environment and any permission changes can be requested via a support ticket which our Windows Sys Admins team can action for you.

    Webfusion offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you require to switch to a Windows Virtual Private Server

    Our support team can also be contacted on 0845 130 1602 should you have any further questions.





  • andgy1 2 posts 24 karma points
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 10:07

    I have been with Webfusion since they purchased my original hosting company Xcalibre a few years back.

    My experience with them has been quite the worst experience of my business life. They consistently make mistakes and their customer service is so terrible that it takes forever to get things delt with.

    There is no quick way of getting an answer from them because they have online customer service where you raise a "ticket" and eventually someone will get round to it. In my experience the person they get answering generally gives poor advice.

    I run e-commerce websites and the list of things they have done with my account is long. The biggest mess up of all was when I paid for a domain renewal (they automatically bill you for things) and they didn't register the domain name. After the period of grace the domain was taken by someone else. After a long process I had to pay over £2000 to get the domain back. Webfusion admitted the mistake was theirs but did not offer any compensation for the fact I'd paid 100 times the amount it should have cost me to renew a domain name! Where's the good will?

    On two occasions now they have failed to renew SSL certificates for e-commerce sites of mine. No warning! As with the domain name they take the money and then do not renew the certificate. With an e-commerce website there is no way of knowing just how much revenue this cost me - I only found out by accident when I visited the sites in Google Chrome, which issues a warning about expired certificates.

    On other occasions they have billed me for domain names I do not own. And have also billed me for hosting that I do not use.

    I have had these online support "tickets" open before, and after 72 hours or something they just close them, even if they aren't resolved - if there is no response from you, like if you go away for a weekend, they just close tickets assuming the problem has gone away.

    You think I am having a rant - try Googling "webfusion customer service" and fill your boots.

    If you value your business I would give them a miss. And if you read this and work for Webfusion I have every single email to back up all the above.

  • tentonipete 78 posts 223 karma points
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 11:11

    wow that's some seriously excellent feedback and I appreciate you creating an account to let me know so i don't make the same mistake you did.

    does anyone else think it might be useful to have a hosting blacklist on the wiki?

  • andgy1 2 posts 24 karma points
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 12:01

    As they say - "A customer with a good experience tells one person. A customer with a bad experience tells 10."

    I cannot quantify the total cost to my own business that Webfusion has caused. I didn't ask for them to be my provider, they took over a perfectly good hosting company in XCalibre and have destroyed the trust that customer (me) had after years of flawless service.

    What you want from a hosting company is good reliability, things not to go wrong and if they do go wrong then you need a fast way of getting in touch with them and a fast response to fix it. Not with these guys. What really burned me was the domain name. Yeah if hosting is unreliable then that is bad but not the end of the world. Losing a domain name could be the end of someone's world - and then not offering any help to get it back, and not reimbursing me for what it cost me is the kind of thing that just isn't acceptable in business.

    If you want a "pile it high sell it cheap" host then there are those ones out there that will cost you less. If you want reliability and good customer service then there are better ones than Webfusion. They are neither one or the other - lost somewhere in the middle.

    This isn't a vendetta against them, it's a warning to others about the experiences I have had.

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