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  • Bert 128 posts 251 karma points
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 09:14

    structure of multiple viewpoint site

    I got a multilingual site, which I'm trying to give different viewpoint depending on the user that visits (they select the type of user they are on the landing page. All the pages are public.

    Customer see the site for example as follows:
    - Home for customer
    - General info
    - info on A
    - info on B

    - Home for salesman
    - General info
    - info A
    - info B
    - info C

    Some other type of visitor:
    - Home for customer
    - General info
    - info A with extra info
    - info B
    - info C

    How would I best tackle this issue of related and sometimes duplicated content? Are there any best practises in this matter? Some important lesson you learned while setting up this type of site in umbraco? Here ar emy ideas:

    1. 3 different 'site views' within each language node (duplicated content)
    2. 1 'site view' withing each language node and use the navigation macros to create the different views
    3. 3 different 'site views' within each language node with relationship api
    4. other ideas?


  • Charles Afford 1163 posts 1709 karma points
    Feb 01, 2013 @ 14:28
    Charles Afford

    Hi, When you say you have 3 different 'site views' within each language node (duplicated content), could you expalin what you mean by this?

    You should be able to set the culture type to what ever you need in > Settings > Languages.  There should be no need to create 'language nodes'.

    What markup are you using? The best way to manage ducplication (A A A, B B B, C C C) would be to create one document type and template and then in the xslt or razor render diffrent content depending on what type of person they chose at the beggining of the flow.  

    I think this is what you are asking, sorry if is something compeletely diffrent.  Charles :) 

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