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  • Sunshine Lewis 31 posts 140 karma points c-trib
    May 14, 2014 @ 23:39
    Sunshine Lewis

    Issue upgrading from 7.0.4 to 7.1.2


    My upgrade installation seems to be trying to GET from a post method and I can't tell if it's my fault.

    Here's what I've done:

    1. I upgraded my local site from 7.0.4 to 7.1.2 using nuget and merged my web.config.
    2. I got a yellow screen of death after launching the site.
    3. I merged my web.config with a manual download (instead of the nuget version) which to "fixed" the "old version" numbers for several System.web assemblies.
    4. The YSOD persisted
    5. I copied over all of the bin files in the manual download.
    6. The YSOD vanished and I got to the upgrade installation page
    7. I clicked continue to be guided through the upgrade
    8. I get an install error prompting me to check the logs.

    Nothing is being written to the logs but the console reports:

    GET http://localhost:57956/install/api/postperforminstall/ 405 (Method Not Allowed) 

    Looking at the button click in fiddler reveals that "the requested resource does not support http method 'GET'"


    • Is this somehow my fault or have I discovered a bug?
    • Is it safe to just update the version number in the config and keep moving?


  • Jan Skovgaard 11264 posts 23594 karma points MVP 9x admin c-trib
    May 15, 2014 @ 09:18
    Jan Skovgaard

    Hi Sunshine

    Have a look at the last comment by Sebastiaan in this post,-backend-is-blank-yepnope-is-not-defined- - Perhaps you need to do the same?


  • Sunshine Lewis 31 posts 140 karma points c-trib
    May 15, 2014 @ 15:59
    Sunshine Lewis

    Thanks Jan!

    That wasn't it but it led me to the problem. It's also a much nicer solution than manually copying them.

    1. I deleted the bin files (excluding custom and package dlls) and rebuilt the project.
    2. That gave me an error message because NuGet didn't restore ClientDependency.Core
    3. I restored that from the recycle bin and got to the installer welcome page again.

    Unfortunately, I still had the installer error on continue. This time though, instead of one request in the console, I was seeing 3 requests:

    POST http://localhost:57956/install/api/PostPerformInstall/ 301 (Moved Permanently) 
    GET http://localhost:57956/install/api/PostPerformInstall/ 301 (Moved Permanently) 
    GET http://localhost:57956/install/api/postperforminstall/ 405 (Method Not Allowed)  

    Those 301 errors revealed the real problem which is my URL rewrite rules. It's probable that it was also happening yesterday also and I just didn't notice the first two requests.

    My Umbraco folder was already excluded from rewriting but I didn't consider the "install" folder. Adding the following exclusion "fixed" the installer and now I'm good to go!

    <rule name="Exclude install folder from rewriting" stopProcessing="true">
       <match url="install/(.*)$" />
       <action type="None" />
  • Jan Skovgaard 11264 posts 23594 karma points MVP 9x admin c-trib
    May 15, 2014 @ 16:45
    Jan Skovgaard

    Hi Sunshine

    Happy to hear you managed to figure it all out - Thanks for sharing! :)


  • Jason Prothero 421 posts 1242 karma points c-trib
    Feb 09, 2017 @ 23:38
    Jason Prothero

    Heh, just got this error on an upgrade to 7.5.9 and the culprit was redirects. Thanks for posting your solution!


  • Nathan Skidmore 63 posts 251 karma points c-trib
    Jul 12, 2017 @ 16:04
    Nathan Skidmore

    I just had the same issue upgrading from 7.4.3 to 7.6.4.

    Adding the redirect exclusion suggested by Sunshine resolved the problem.

    However I didn't have any redirects that would affect the install path, so I'm curious as to why I needed to add an exclusion in the first place? Can someone explain this requirement to me?

  • Jeroen Breuer 4902 posts 12234 karma points MVP 3x admin c-trib
    Mar 05, 2018 @ 13:34
    Jeroen Breuer

    I have a similar issue, but the solution provided here didn't work. Could anybody help?


  • Arnaud Bertrand 6 posts 76 karma points
    Apr 02, 2019 @ 12:44
    Arnaud Bertrand

    I had the exact same issue with the install/api/postperforminstall 405 error as well. Sunshine's additional rewrite rule didn't work for me but it pointed me in the right direction: I simply commented out all my rewrite rules in my Web.config during the install and it worked. Hopefully this helps someone.

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