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  • DotNetPervert 18 posts 34 karma points
    Jan 21, 2010 @ 23:16

    Content, Settings, Developer trees all empty on remote server

    Hi guys,

    I'm having a pretty serious problem that affects some of our sites on a remote server. Basically the site are developed locally and function fine at the time. The problem starts when migrating the site to a remote (staging server). Basically when opening the CMS from a remote server all the sections have no nodes in them (ie under Content there is nothing, when going to any other sections same thing happens, it just has the main node like Settings up the top and nothing coming down from it). The funny thing is, this does not affect all of our sites. All of our staging sites sit in subdomains and we have a site that loads all nodes in CMS just fine. However, if I copy the working site's code across to a subdomain where another site does not load nodes then the working site does not load the nodes under a new subdomain either.

    If I copy the site that fails to load nodes under the subdomain that has a site with loading nodes then the broken site functions fine as well. So this looks to be location dependant or subdomain set up dependant, but I cannot see any difference in the set up of 2 subdomains. We're still investigating it though.

    The reason why I'm asking on this forum is because this seems to be a know problem in umbraco, I searched the wb for it and there seem to be other people that have come across this issue, however I am yet to find a good resolution for it.

    If this was a bug, was there ever a fix developed for it?

    Thanks guys.

  • Chris Houston 535 posts 980 karma points MVP admin c-trib
    Jan 22, 2010 @ 02:25
    Chris Houston


    I don't like to ask the obvious question, but I assume you did the following when copying from Dev to Stage:

    1) Backup the DEV database
    2) ZIP all files in the web root for the site
    3) Restore the database on your Staging Server
    4) Unzip the files into the staging server web root
    5) Restore the permissions on the folders  ( check the wiki if you don't know how :) )
    6) Restore the permissions on the new database
    7) Change the Web.config file's database connection settings

    If you do the above you should always get a successful transfer in my experience.

    Have you checked the web.config is pointing to the correct database and have you also checked in the database to ensure the data you are expecting actually exists? ( Just incase you have not actually restored the dev database )



  • DotNetPervert 18 posts 34 karma points
    Jan 22, 2010 @ 04:12

    Hey mate :)

    I did not do 5, do you have a wiki link for it?

    Actually we solved the problem, it was a hosting issue, the httpdocs folder on the domain had ot have some additional permissions such "Plesk Domain User", "IIS User", "IWP user" and "ASPNET".

    Hope this helps someone in the future :)


  • Anthony Edge 26 posts 90 karma points
    Mar 06, 2012 @ 04:04
    Anthony Edge

    DotNetPervert - you have saved my life.

    I added a new subdomain (in Plesk) to my client's existing Umbraco website and all hell broke loose.

    Half the site fell off the radar and Umbraco would allow login but was empty and disfunctional.

    It took 20 hours (and your post here) for me to educate the hosting company. I kept telling them I hadn't changed code, just added a subdomain, but they didn't have a clue.

    Turns out that when you add a subdomain in Plesk and point it to the root (ie, don't make a new folder for this subdomain), it resets the permissions on the httpdocs folder and everything falls in a heap.


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the clues you posted above.

    Really a 5 minute fix (for the hosting company)  to add the permissions back. Database and everything is fine ... whew.

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