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  • Inx51 54 posts 107 karma points
    Oct 12, 2015 @ 22:56

    Umbraco 7 running really slow on Azure, and also having some additional install errors

    Hi guys,

    During today I have been trying to install and host Umbraco on Azure using an Azure SQL Server (v12)-database-server and database. However.. when running the site locally using visual studio while having the database hosted in the cloud, Umbraco is really really slow (and I live in Sweden and the database is set to west europe as region.. so that should really not be such an issue)..

    Could someone from Umbraco-HQ please try to setup Umbraco in the same way that I did and then try to install a few packages or just simply play around abit and see if its really that slow for you aswell..

    My setup proccedure was: Using Visual Studio 2015 (CE and Enterprise), install Umbraco using NuGet (Install-Package UmbracoCms) to an empty 4.5 site. Setup an Azure Sql Server (v12) and an Azure SQL Database. Edit the firewall settings to allow you to connect to the database. Start Umbraco in Visual Studio and try to install Umbraco using Microsoft Azure Sql as the database option. (Slow install?..was for me) Then try to install a few packages.. for instance the uBlogsy-package.. this did not work at all for me.. or if its just really slow (like hours-slow)..

    Me and a colleague of mine also tried to do the same as above but hosting the Umbraco instance within a web-app in Azure, but it also turned out to slow down the back-office alot..

    Anyone else that might have any idea of what I might be missing?

  • Tom Van Rompaey 38 posts 136 karma points
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 08:15
    Tom Van Rompaey

    I also have an Umbraco site hosted on shared Azure hosting and it's about 5 times slower than running the site locally with VS. The performance of the site is not bad (Home Page loads under 500ms) but yesterday while upgrading my site to 7.3.0 it took almost 3 minutes to complete... Almost started to worry that something went wrong :)

    Solutions are welcome!

  • Dan Roddis 57 posts 241 karma points
    Oct 21, 2015 @ 09:23
    Dan Roddis

    We have started to receive complaints from editors about poor admin performance since moving to 7.3.0 although I'm not sure if the cause is Azure related and the Umbraco update is a coincidence.

    We're running a Standard app service (single core 1.75gb RAM) and a Basic SQL database.

    I performed some testing against a Standard S0 database rather than a Basic database yesterday and noticed performance improvements - do you mind if I ask what plan/packages you are on - maybe we can find a common cause.

  • Tom Van Rompaey 38 posts 136 karma points
    Oct 22, 2015 @ 08:27
    Tom Van Rompaey

    My site has these Azure specs: Shared app service & Basic SQL database

    The packages that I use: Merchello & Archetype

    I also have the feeling the SQL database is the bottleneck here, it takes a relatively long time to do a complete DB export using SQL Server compared to other hosting companies I use.

  • John Palmer 75 posts 199 karma points
    Oct 27, 2015 @ 03:44
    John Palmer

    Hi HighFive,

    It seems that you need to scale up/upgrade your cloud plan. It seems that your resource is not enough.

    Why not using shared hosting? I'm using on shared hosting and it works fine without any problems.

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