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  • DaveLyons 1 post 21 karma points
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 23:16

    Question about Heirarchy

    Hi there,

    Got a little question...I am new to Umbraco but a seasoned .NET Developer so go easy :).

    I have made a few sites before but the site I am working on at the moment is going to be more or less for a very none technical person so I am trying to push him down certain routes. The site is fairly simple, if I take the home page for example it is a standard two column layout, however one of the columns has a horizontal split within it.

    Now as this client is very none techincal I know he will be on the phone constantly saying he has deleted the split so in essence I wanted to perform something along the lines of .... (taking each bullet as a master page)

    • MainMaster
      • TwoColumnLayout
        • LeftColumnWithSplit
          • AboveSplitContentWithImage
          • BelowSplitContentWithoutImage

    The reason for going so granualar is due to the content on some other pages being the same layout but some have an image. I wanted to make it idiot proof so that the user knows that he needs to pick a certain template to if he wants a certain view. I know .NET masterpages don't work like this (i.e viewing the 'LeftColumnWithSplit' page but seeing the content from both the Above and Below content panes).

    Now...the solutions I can think of is a Macro to retrive the content on the LeftColumn section using the content picker to select the right one. This then allows me to walk him down the right path so to speak. The other option is to whack the content sections in a master page which defines the sections in one template (i.e one called AboveContentWithImageBelowContentWithoutImage then one for every combination that could be picked lol).

    Can't see any other ways to simplify it but I am open for suggestions. Can anyone say which way would be better or suggest a different way?

  • David F. Hill 122 posts 242 karma points
    Feb 08, 2012 @ 17:47
    David F. Hill

    Hi DaveLyons - welcome to the Umbraco community!

    From what I can tell based on your description, I would say the macro solution you are considering would be a fine approach. A little training for your client on the use of the content picker and you should be able to accomplish what you're wanting.

    Cheers and good luck.


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