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  • Niels Lynggaard 175 posts 472 karma points
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 08:39
    Niels Lynggaard

    Reusable content in GRID?

    Hi Guys!

    I'm currently faced with the task of implementing a website, and I'm considering using the grid for better flexibility for editors. (I've used the grid on one project and made one property editor for the grid).

    One of the things I like to do is to create a node in the content tree to hold 'shared content', e.g content (infobox, textbox, imageslider etc.) that can be included on other pages through a content-picker, most often used to populate a right-collumn with different boxes that are maintained one place in the tree and used on multiple pages. Editors like this feature.

    However, if I'm using the grid for this the 'out of the box'-solution is to create Macro's for these types of content, so that an editor can insert a macro, pick the box(es) in the macro and then it's all good.

    However, this approach has some pitfalls; It's not as editor-friendly/intuitive as 'normal' property editors used in the grid, AND we can't specify that certain macros are ONLY for use in the grid.

    SO, alternativly, I'm looking for a solution more like the property editors in the grid. So far, I'm thinking that it is all possible to build my own property editors (That mostly wraps the Content Picker), e.g 'Shared Content Box' as a property editor. But this unleashes all kinds of hell for me, since I'm new to Angular and this will be most time-consuming task.

    Am I on the complete wrong track? How would you guys do it? If its 'just' right-content, I could just create a tab and normal properties for this, but I'm thinking that for instance re-usable sliders would be AWESOME for the editors..

    Any ideas, hints, considerations will be rewarded with virtual high-fives and possibly beer at codegarden next year ;)

    Cheers, Niels

  • Søren Kottal 456 posts 2893 karma points MVP c-trib
    Sep 04, 2015 @ 09:44
    Søren Kottal

    Have a look at LeBlender or Doc Type Grid Editors.

    That way you can easily build a grid editor containing a Content Picker.

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