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  • Pinal Bhatt 298 posts 389 karma points
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 21:30
    Pinal Bhatt

    Upgrading U6.1.6 to U7 Error: Could not load type 'umbraco.editorControls.mediapicker.MemberPickerDataType'

    I am trying to upgrade my U6.1.6 site using uComponents 6 to U7. 

    After copying files and updating config files when i try to call ./install/default.aspx i am getting following error:

    2013-12-08 12:23:13,285 [94] ERROR Umbraco.Core.UmbracoApplicationBase - [Thread 47] An unhandled exception occurred
    System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Could not load types from assembly uComponents.DataTypes, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, errors:
    Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'umbraco.editorControls.mediapicker.MemberPickerDataType' from assembly 'umbraco.editorControls, Version=1.0.5087.16284, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
       at Umbraco.Core.TypeFinder.GetTypesWithFormattedException(Assembly a) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\TypeFinder.cs:line 613
       at Umbraco.Core.TypeFinder.GetClasses(Type assignTypeFrom, IEnumerable`1 assemblies, Boolean onlyConcreteClasses, Func`2 additionalFilter) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\TypeFinder.cs:line 522
       at Umbraco.Core.TypeFinder.FindClassesOfType[T](IEnumerable`1 assemblies, Boolean onlyConcreteClasses) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\TypeFinder.cs:line 385
       at Umbraco.Core.TypeFinder.FindClassesOfType[T](IEnumerable`1 assemblies) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\TypeFinder.cs:line 396
       at Umbraco.Core.PluginManager.<>c__DisplayClass28`1.b__27() in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\PluginManager.cs:line 780
       at Umbraco.Core.PluginManager.LoadViaScanningAndUpdateCacheFile[T](TypeList typeList, TypeResolutionKind resolutionKind, Func`1 finder) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\PluginManager.cs:line 765
       at Umbraco.Core.PluginManager.ResolveTypes[T](Func`1 finder, TypeResolutionKind resolutionType, Boolean cacheResult) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\PluginManager.cs:line 735
       at Umbraco.Core.PluginManager.ResolveTypes[T](Boolean cacheResult, IEnumerable`1 specificAssemblies) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\PluginManager.cs:line 779
       at Umbraco.Core.CoreBootManager.InitializeApplicationEventsResolver() in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\CoreBootManager.cs:line 172
       at Umbraco.Web.WebBootManager.InitializeApplicationEventsResolver()
       at Umbraco.Core.CoreBootManager.Initialize() in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\CoreBootManager.cs:line 86
       at Umbraco.Web.WebBootManager.Initialize()
       at Umbraco.Core.UmbracoApplicationBase.StartApplication(Object sender, EventArgs e) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\UmbracoApplicationBase.cs:line 39
       at Umbraco.Core.UmbracoApplicationBase.Application_Start(Object sender, EventArgs e) in f:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\e1a0ddf7a1349eaf\src\Umbraco.Core\UmbracoApplicationBase.cs:line 52


    Mostly i think its related to 

    U4-2387 Remove umbraco.editorControls.mediapicker.MemberPickerDataType 

    but how can i fix this?


    Thanks in advance.

    Pinal Bhatt


  • Sebastiaan Janssen 4876 posts 14511 karma points MVP admin hq
    Dec 08, 2013 @ 23:57
    Sebastiaan Janssen

    uComponents datatypes are incompatible with Umbraco 7, there's nothing you can do about that. The uComponents team is looking into if they will upgrade existing datatypes at some point in the future.

  • Pinal Bhatt 298 posts 389 karma points
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 00:25
    Pinal Bhatt

    So does that means if we are using uComponents we cannot upgrade to U7 till uComponents does not start supporting it?

  • Sebastiaan Janssen 4876 posts 14511 karma points MVP admin hq
    Dec 09, 2013 @ 01:34
    Sebastiaan Janssen


  • Eric Schrepel 151 posts 204 karma points
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 08:07
    Eric Schrepel

    I'm trying to get clarity on this also. I wasn't even aware we were using any uComponents datatypes (we had temporarily used the DAMP media picker but stopped after awhile; it's possible we had the universal picker in place at one point). Went through the rather long process tonight to install .NET 4.5, do the 6.1.6 to 7 Umbraco upgrade, work on the config files, etc., only to be blocked when trying to reload the site with this error.

    So we'll roll back our server to the pre-upgrade point, but it'd be great to get better clarity along the lines of "DO NOT UPGRADE TO v7 IF...", and maybe a timeline of how those other pieces would get integrated or workarounds so we can still use v7.

    I did install v7 as a clean site elsehwere and love the interface, stoked to use it soon.

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