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  • Robert Lundberg 14 posts 60 karma points
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 10:19
    Robert Lundberg

    Category functionallity, performance

    Hi, Okej so I am fairly new to Umbraco, 

    I have implemented some basic category functionallity, the way I have done this is by defining a Multinode Treepicker datatype and adding it to the documenttype that needs to be categorizable.
    In an UmbracoApiController I'm querying for the document type and filtering on selected categories like this:

    private IEnumerable GetAttractions(int[] nodes, IEnumerable<int> categories)
                var attractions =
                        .Where(a => categories.Any(cat => a.MainCategories.Any(acat => acat.Id == cat)));
                return attractions;

    Now to my problem/question:
    According to MiniProfiler the above retrieval seems to add a sql query for every found documenttype, so if there is 5 documents then I get at least 5 sql scalar queries.

    I thought that this IPublishedContent approach would only hit the umbraco content cache. I don't have many documents in the Database yet but my fear is that this won't scale very well.

    We expect the amount of filterable IPublishedContent to be about ~500-1000.
    And the requirements are that we can filter on categories, parent node and date span.
    Is there a better/prefered way of doing categories in umbraco?
    Appreciate any tips or thoughts on this.

    Umbraco version 7.2.1

  • Robert Lundberg 14 posts 60 karma points
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 22:50
    Robert Lundberg

    Ok, so I keept the MNTP for category implementation but went for the examine approach for filtering, I did how ever build the queries manually instead of using the chaining features, as I couldn't really make those work as I wanted.

    Some links I found useful regarding examine/lucene were: ;


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