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  • Warren Buckley 2106 posts 4836 karma points MVP ∞ admin hq c-trib
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 14:02
    Warren Buckley

    List View Sort By with Custom Field

    Hello All, I am currently rebuilding the uHangout website and I have the videos stored in Umbraco inside a List View as child nodes.

    I have modified the list view to show a property from the Video document type - 'views' however when it is displayed in the list I can not click on the header to sort the items by the amount of views as expected.

    The field is stored as a label, as an periodic import tool imports the videos from YouTube into Umbraco as nodes and the view count should be read only and not modified by me in the backoffice of Umbraco.

    Is there are reason why I cannot sort my videos in the list view by custom property of views?

    Many Thanks,

  • Mads Krohn 211 posts 504 karma points c-trib
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 14:09
    Mads Krohn

    Hey Warren

    Please refer to this issue regarding sorting on custom properties in the list view.

    - Cheers

  • Asbjørn 82 posts 195 karma points c-trib
    Mar 05, 2015 @ 16:34

    Yes, the inability to sort by custom properties is a major deficiency in the (otherwise great) ListView. Hopefully the PR in the bug will address this for 7.3.

  • Robert J. Bullock 386 posts 405 karma points
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 17:48
    Robert J. Bullock

    This HAS to be a top priority. Just at face value it doesn't seem it should be that big of a coding challenge, no?

  • Robert J. Bullock 386 posts 405 karma points
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 18:52
    Robert J. Bullock

    OH, actually... yeah, it is more challenging than you might initially guess as you can have multiple docTypes in the list view, so what do you do if an item doesn't have your sorting property?

  • Robert J. Bullock 386 posts 405 karma points
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 18:54
    Robert J. Bullock

    To be perfectly honest, I would be fine with this: IF you set a node structure so it's children show as a list view THEN you can only allow one docType below the container node. It may sound a little odd, but basically your list view would ignore other docTypes below the container node for listview purposes. (The editor could alert you if there were other docTypes "hidden" by the list view).

    Does that make sense?

  • Robert J. Bullock 386 posts 405 karma points
    Mar 19, 2015 @ 18:55
    Robert J. Bullock

    In practice, if you want a list view for a folder, it's unlikely you would want to store multiple docTypes there in any case, no?

  • andrew shearer 506 posts 655 karma points
    Jul 15, 2015 @ 04:25
    andrew shearer

    hello - does anyone have an update on this issue? thanks

  • Alex Skrypnyk 6134 posts 23953 karma points MVP 7x admin c-trib
    Sep 15, 2020 @ 10:28
    Alex Skrypnyk

    Is there any update on this issue? Looks like it's not working in the latest Umbraco version.

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