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  • AmandaEly 123 posts 379 karma points
    Aug 15, 2015 @ 13:25

    GetCropUrl not returning a crop


    I am using version 7.2.8 and attempting to reduce the size of a lot of images via crops. Following Jeavon's famous uHangout, I have assigned all images in the media folder to be imagecropper. I have chosen two crops. Currently I am attempting to use the correct crop for the site logo.

    var home = Model.Content.AncestorOrSelf("Home"); var tryUrl = home.GetCropUrl("siteLogo", "Logo");

    The url is "66456?mode=pad&rnd=130839465900000000", which does not point to anyting on my media folder and does not contain any crop information.

    so I try var siteLogo = Umbraco.Media(home.GetPropertyValue

    var url = siteLogo.GetCropUrl("umbracoFile", "Logo"); 

    Which looks like the best option, just returns null.

    I have checked the ImageProcessor version and fought with the config files, only to return them to the same state in the 7.2.8 download.

    It flat out doesn't work.

  • AmandaEly 123 posts 379 karma points
    Aug 15, 2015 @ 13:44

    I wept over this for a whole day on Thursday. Nothing like user error, is there? My crop is called "Icon", not "Logo".

    @{ var home = Model.Content.AncestorOrSelf("Home"); var siteLogoUrl = Umbraco.Media(home.GetPropertyValue

    Works fine. A bit roundabout, since it won't go directly from the homepage property but that is ok.

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